Basic blocking questions


got TWO for ya;

  1. does crouch blocking block everything except grabs? i’ve been playing soul calibur the past two years and am used to being able to hit people out of crouch but over the past two days i haven’t managed to do so.

  2. i’m having a BIG problem with blocking after characters jump or teleport behind me and having an even bigger problem telling when a character will even land behind me after a jump, if they’re close. i had a chun-li tonight literally jump back and forth over me and i was having the TOUGHEST time trying to defend myself. when is it safe for me to start blocking the other way, and in a dhalsim yoga-fire-teleport-attack situation, which way do i need to block to defend myself against the projectile?

trying to main juri atm


1 crouch block can be hit with an over head or a jump in.

cant help with the jumping but for the yoga fire one just run away with a air tasu if you play ryu


In SSF4, you only need to block away from the character. Also you need to learn which moves are crossups and block for them accordingly.

  1. No. some characters have over head attacks that must be blocked high. Eg: akuma towards + MP. Also all normal jump in attacks must be blocked high aswell. For Some ultras must be blocking high too Eg: M.bison Ultra 2. You’ll Get the hang of it , patience is a virtue for a growing street fighter.

  2. First of all you must block the jumping attacks high. Alot of characters have moves that can “Cross Up”. That means it will actually hit behind you so you must block by holding the direction the opponent had jumped from. Since every1 jumps a little different and has different attacks in the air you will have to judge the spacing that they can cross you up from on a per character basis.

Search your favorite characters forum for their best Anti air and escape options. If your character has good anti-air options then you should be able to take advantage of those situations.

Don’t give up, All these hurdles will be crossed in no time!

Good luck have fun!


others already answer your question except the last. for things like sim’s ultra, in SFIV always block as you would block the character and not the projectile. ie. sim’s ultra, akuma’s air fireball, ibuki’s kunai, etc: you press back away from sim and not away from his fireball.


In some cases, Rose U2


here is a question why does block not work when i need it too?

even for simple stuff. example, the opponent will do this: c.lp c.lp c.lp
and my character (while holding down and back) does this: block gets hit gets hit

this constantly happens and it is costing my 3/4 of the matches i play.


You’re either pressing buttons during the blockstring or you’re not holding down back or back for the entire duration (or both).


I need help on how to prevent being throws and crouch teching anyone have the correct ways on how to crouch tech


to crouch tech simply press lk+lp when u think they’re going to throw
learn other characters strings and frame traps so u know when its safe to crouch tech


1: There are plenty of overheads but most of them actually look like they’re coming down from over you. Unlike Melty Blood where half of the overheads look like your opponent is kicking you in the shins (fuck you Ries)

2: Hold away from your opponent, rather than the fireball. Blocking crossups is just a matter of learning the hitboxes, reading forums won’t help as much as just playing the matchup.


Crouching block does not block vs Overheads, Lv3 Focus Attacks, Throws, and Command Grabs/Grab Ultras.

Cross-ups are a pain in the ass, but the general rule-of-thumb when dealing with projectile-teleport/jump characters (Ibuki, Dhalsim, Akuma) is to block main. Always block the away from the character you are fighting.

In Dhalsim’s case, you may even be able to Jump Back/Forward Fierce/RH to get out of that little trick they try to do.