Basic BnB combos



Hey guys, kind of new to Vega. What BnB combos do you guys use often? Just things you might pull out on a regular basis?

Greatly appreciate any help.



Right on top of this side is the Basic Information Thread, the Combo Thread and the Q&A Thread which either contain the combos in the first post or are specifically for these type of questions.


I thought it would be nice to get a couple basic combos from people, rather than digging through page after page of people posting tons of combos.

This board isnt exactly very active, I didnt think this 1 little thread would do much harm in flooding a slow board. Jeez, you took the time to post in here, takes just as much time to be a nice guy and throw a couple combos in here for me to use.


cr, lp lp, cr, med p, ex barcelona…
Cr. Med kick, Cr. mp ex barcelona
Punish combo = Close HP, Cr med punch ex barcelona


Excellent, thanks.


so you are going to flood the board with use less nonsense. All you generated was flames from two people.


Yeah, my little thread is really flooding a board that is next to dead. Man there are some a-holes on this site. Dont post in here if you dont like it, instead of acting like a 10 year old and crying about it which does nothing but start a fight. I asked a simple question, and I asked it nicely on a very slow board. If this actually bothers you, you seriouslly have some issues.

At least one person in here decided to act like an adult.


ugh jeez like omg. there is like this thread that like says Vega basics. like BnB are like basic things so like it should be like in that thread. so like why wouldn’t we be irritated because like there was like a bunch of like threads like that that are like you know, like annoying. so like why don’t you act like a adult and like learn to read and like respect like forum rules and like act like an adult you know? maybe then ill act like a adult you know, so like what eva!!!1

FYI for an adult you sure do have horrible comprehension and reading skills.let me repost

so you are going to

and standing behind this wall of supposed maturity is just to funny form folks like you.


Expected a response like that from a child. If you seriously get annoyed about 1 single thread on a videogame message board asking a simple question on a board this slow, then you are either a child or an a-hole, end of story. Dont act like you’re a mature adult with your posts.


Nevermind, I checked your profile and it says “i am god” and “i like mexican girls”. You obviously arent someone I need to even bother arguing with. Get out my thread. Im done here anyway, got some good combos. Mods can lock it. I rarely come to this site, so ill stop by this site again in 6 months when Ive got another question that a bunch of people can cry over, and 1 nice soul can actually help. Thats fine by me.


Jeez. Whine much?

It really isn’t hard to look at the “VEGA COMBOS AND GLITCHES” thread. It is all in the first post >.< Heck, we even have a Setups AND Beginner’s guide thread.

Mr.Flowers. Could you close this please?