Basic Cammy Combo Help?


Just wanting some advice on what I’m doing wrong, I can’t seem to get cammys basic c.s c.l c.s to SA out. I maybe get it out 30-40% of the time. I’ve uploaded a quick 6 sec clip to youtube to show you my inputs etc, and would like to know if theres some timing im missing or something.


You’re pushing the last short a tad too early, you have to link the jab and the short to get the SA to come out.

Same problem as the Balrog thread that is on the first page

You can chain her light attacks but if you do the Spiral Arrow cancel wont come out. You have to delay your light attacks to make sure you’re linking them. Push them with a metronome like timing.

If you press the kick too early, you will just kick and spiral arrow won’t come out. You should be pressing right when her arm retreats from cr.lp. If Spiral arrow doesn’t come out, too early. If blocked, you did it too late. Feel free to ask anything about Cammy in the subforum.

Alright thank you, I’m glad I know what I’m doing wrong now. I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t linking them, the Linking and the Combo look pretty similar on screen in terms of when the attacks come out, a pretty hard difference to really see >.<; lol. I was going to post in the cammy section but I thought this was a bit too noobie to go there, its a pretty basic combo lol.