Basic Character Guides

is there anything of this sort hiding around the internet somewhere? for any game really? Just like, a basic rundown on character strategy or whatever.

I’ve been wondering this myself.

Sadly the best I’ve been able to find is the occasional guide on SRK wiki, and what meager information I can peice together from Gamefaqs (<—fucked up right).

I really wish there were character specific threads, or a dedicated place to at least find move lists not in retarded gamefaqs lingo, but so far nothing that I know of has popped up =(

I’m working on some, it’s taking time. Strategy sections aren’t that easy to right up if you want the advice given to truly be good and not some half assed explanation that doesn’t even take into account the exceptions where the strategy would not work.

hey how can i post something in the wiki section? i wanted to post up about XI Duck King…

It’s not even “advice on how to be good” that I’m looking for. It’s more like, “how do these characters even really work?” I’ve been watching videos of XIII for a few weeks now and I still don’t really know what Elizabeth’s deal is, for example. I mean I’m talking basic basic newb stuff here, lol.

if you’re looking for specifics on XII I’d actually suggest just buying the guide. It’s really well done and the folks who did it actually post here on SRK. Hopefully they’ll get called to do the new one as well