Basic Chun-Li Custon Combos

Ok i’ve been playing with A-Groove for a while and I have Chun-Li in my A-Groove team. i can do the c.RHx3, spinning bird kick, and then when at wall do ball super. But what are some other ones? Help would be nice.

CC, d.HK, s.LP, super jump forward, j.d+MK x n, qcf, qcf+P

about 3000 damage = too good

s.strong/c.strong XX L1 kick super, sj.RH/sj.fierce x2

Might as well, really. Her ground CC does what, 2000 more than the above combo at best, and you hit it off a c.strong anyhow.

1 CC = 7800 at best off a practical beginning (activate to c.strong)

2 combos to super = at least 8000 if you’re hitting it in footsies. 10000+ if you’re hitting it off c.jab, strong combos and stuff.