Basic chun questions

read through Dime’s compendium in it’s entirety before asking questions like:

What are chun li’s combos?
What should I do against chunli in a mirror match?

It’s the best thing you could do if your just starting out, and honestly it’s kind of annoying when the new guy (there’s a lot of you) post questions like the above. Think of the chun section of the ssf4 fourms as college and your asking really basic questions about stuff we in learned in kindergarden (vanilla).


I must be mistaken, you had a question? About chunli?

lol i dunno if you’re being sarcastic, but i think he’s actually flaming newbies posting new threads to ask simple questions (or even these questions in the Q&A)

They also should read and consider the following threads as well:
(Great for matchup knowledge. Most comprehensive thread we have dedicated to the topic)
(Share high level footage or personal sessions for critique from community to help level up your game)
(An informal collection of notes composed by one of EC’s sensational Chun players. Great for novice and intermediate players alike).