Basic combos and strats using kubi ori and raida

what are the method of linking these special attacks …??

advantage and disadvantage of kubi ori(neck-breaker) ??

is that fake raida ?? how the heck they could use raida and then use throw …??

Raida (hcb+p) is probably my favorite move to do when someone is waking up, Too many people try to parry on wake up and they just get caught by it and it’s great at conditioning people to try absolutely nothing on wake up. Raida also combos into crouching short so you can use that as more powerful and harder to detect wake up tactic as well. Another thing i like to do with raida is if i ever cross someone up empty and i’m just out of throw range, i throw it out and it connects like 90% of the time! (it’s just hard to set up though, so basicly don’t play to just do this, just when you find the opportunity use it). No reason discussing how to combo into it as xenozip made a faq with the answers to that :P.

as for kubi ori, i probably use this once every 3 rounds and i never use a non-EX. It’s so easy to punish, and it’s easy to see coming if it isn’t the EX. Sometimes i’ll throw out a jab one if the person is turtling across the screen to bait them in closer. And ways to use the EX is to punish shoto fireballs and people who walk towards you alot (like alex and hugo). Don’t ever do this from more than half a screens distance either, i think it’s almost phsyically (at least in the US) impossible to react in time to block low if they person is walking forward on the offensive.

I have a question about raida too. Can you do a VERY early raida to punish shoto wake up DPs?? It seems like you can but then again the people who try them might just be executing them wrong. Thanks :smiley: