Basic Combos

Blackheart players have covered this guy about as much as he can…but for the sake of completeness, I will post Blackheart’s section in my MvC2 Combo Encyc project. Again, these combos were performed on a 100% stamina character.


Special Moves:

Dark Thunder
Hits 2x: 1st hit does 14pts, while 2nd hit does 4pts

Hits 2x: Both hits deal 10pts each

Hyper Combos:

Strongest I?ve gotten was ~50pts, but rocks appear to fall randomly

  1. [corner only] df.hp xx Arm (77pts?on a good day)

  2. s.lp, xx Arm (random juggle after Arm connect, but it all connected once for 62pts)

  3. (close) Inferno xx Arm (~69pts)

*Judgement Day *
Strongest I?ve gotten was 47pts

  1. s.hkxx (cancel on 1st hit) JD (~43pts)

  2. s.lp, xx (cancel at 1st sight of demons) JD (~70pts)

  3. Inferno xx JD (strongest being 39pts…random demons)

Heart of Darkness
Strongest I?ve gotten was 55pts

  1. Inferno xx HoD (strongest being 63pts)

  2. s.lp, xx HoD (strongest being 28+57 = 85pts)
    *the above combo will all link at times for ~65pts?most of the time, it works as an auto-reset though

that an easily mashable escape…