Basic Dan Combos



Every little bit counts when you are playing Dan. Unfortunately, Dan seems to have difficulty connecting even 3 moves in a ground combo unless he is right in the opponent’s face. To make matters even worse, his dash is slow which makes it difficult to get in deep. Nevertheless, some of his combo enders like standing fierce, roundhouse, and lk Dankukyaku leaves the opponent stunned in a standing state which helps him set up some nice assist combos.

Post your basic combos and basic assist combos here. Please avoid posting overly complicated combos with 3 DHCs into more incomprehensibly lengthy combos into more DHCs into combos that don’t even involve Dan much. Keep it effective and clean. Thanks!


OK, I’ll start with the Dan essentials:

Jump-in hk, dash in lk XX Koryureppa

Jump-in hk, dash in,,

Too simple, you say? These are probably the only effective combos that connect without Dan having to be absolutely in the opponent’s face.

For the first combo, if you try to add a medium attack in the combo, the second hit of the Koryureppa will usually whiff leaving you dead. This combo guarrantees that the second hit won’t whiff even if you are not in the opponent’s face. You can add a DHC after the second hit for more damage. After all, the combo only does 4 hits.

For the second combo, a Gadoken will only do as much damage as a Once the opponent is floored, you can get some breathing room. You can call in an assist to OTG then combo into super, or you might even want to cancel the into a whiffed jab Koryuken to charge up for that almighty invincible Koryuken that comes every 4 times you do the move. You can OTG with Koryuken for both hits if you time it right, but the opponent have a chance to roll. You can fake the opponent out of rolling by cancelling the into a Gadoken or lk Premium Sign THEN super cancel Koryureppa when the opponent in ripe for the OTG:) That proves that Dan can beat up the opponent, then sign an autograph, then proceed into beating the opponent some more:D Dan rocks!


in the corner you can do …, dash-in + (assist that lifts them off the ground like Dhalsim-ground or Sent-proj) XX qcf+kk, dash-in, (OTG) XX qcf+kk

or the Dan 100% combo …, dash-in, c.hp, sj., sj.[lp, lk, mp, mk, hp, delay hk], land, (OTG), c.hp, pause, jump uf hp throw, land, Otako Michi …


Since no one is posting, I’ll add another of my combos:

Crossover hk+call Colossus dash assist->>>standing hk XX any super.

Although I would recommend finishing with Hisshou Burai-Ken (qcb+kk) for style, any super will work. The timing is easy, and the damage is huge. Looks cool too.


hmmmm this combo is actually quite feasible …

in corner,, land, dash-in, s.lp + Dhalsim-AAA,, assist hits XX lk Premium Sign (wait till the sign hits) XX Koryurekka, wave dash-in, (juggle) XX lk Premium Sign (must hit!!!) XX Koryurekka, dash-in, (juggle) XX Shinkuu Gadoken, c.hp, sj., sj.[lp, lk, mp, mk, hk Dankukyaku]

3 supers, around 90% damage on Cable and unrollable if done right - if you get style points for connecting the Premium Sign twice :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, Im going for simplicity! Anyway, heres a combo that will open some other possibilities for Dan+assist combos:

Jump in hk+call assist(e.g. Cable Projectile)->lk Dankukyaku while still in air->assist hits->land and dash in into any combo.

Yep, the lk Dankukyaku leaves the opponent stunned in a standing state so that you can combo even more. Of course, after an air lk Dankukyaku, you cannot follow with anything. If you have an assist to cover the gap, then that`s a different story.

Anyway, if you want just to show off and have fun, wassup`s combos are just the ticket.

About wassups 100% combo, the part where you launch then jump right when you recover for the air throw, it easily escapable since the opponent recovers at the height of the launch as you are recovering from the lag. Also, nobody will wait for you to Otako Michi them after the throw since they recover from the air throw in midair. They can just get a free jump-in while youve just wasted three supers. Do the infinite instead:

end air combo in corner with fierce->roundhouse, land,,, cr.lp,,, cr.lp,,…etc.


hmmm well the launch into hp throw is definitely escapable but i don’t think the hp throw into Otako Michi is escapable because it catches them (even they’re in midair, for some reason) when they’re doing their recovery flip (btw i take no credit whatsoever for the invention of that combo)

as for the infinite … i can’t seem to do it, does it have a character restriction and does it have a timing?


I got the infinite from a FAQ but the rest of the stuff that I posted was from my experience. From what I see, I guess that it only works with larger characters since the standing roundhouse whiffs against Cable and connects easily against Juggernaut. In order to get the Fierce->Roundhouse AC finisher, I do jab, strong. forward, fierce at a medium speed then Roundhouse while coming down, not right after the fierce. Time it when you are falling with the opponent.

Crossover Roundhouse assists combos are so useful because the assist pushes the opponent towards you so that you can do a three hit ground chain then connect a super anyway. Too bad that Dan has very few goof combos. The most basic yet the most damaging combo that Dan had got to be the air combo. Yep, just a simple air combo. If you are close or dash in deep, you can launch with cr.jab, cr.strong, cr.fierce.


Buddy of mine uses Dan, but he’s too lazy to post…

Here’s the 100% Dan combo he does (can be escaped only if they tech the throw), c.hp /\ sj.lp (pause), (pause), (pause), qcb+lk, HP Air Throw / qcf+kk, qcf+pp…

Time the qcf+kk as soon as he stands from the air throw. The qcf+pp (Shinku Gadouken) you do just as you see Dan’s fist from the Kouryureppa disappear from the bottom of the screen. Afterwards, do whatever you’d like to finish them. Either another Kouryureppa or another Shinku Gadouken :slight_smile:


Ha, bumping this thread since it has Dan’s infinite…umm any hints on connecting st. HK in the infinite? I can’t seem to hit that even on juggernaut.

Anyone else notice that on his air combo, if you do lp, lk, mp slower in the corner that sometimes you cross them up? dunno, might be useful in mindgames.
Also his air throw in the corner is fun since sometimes you can relaunch after it if they’re not looking out for it.


bump…i’d play dan all the time if that infinite actually works…can someone verify if it works cuz I still can’t get the standing FK to link.

Oh man, sorry, i didn’t notice someone already posted the answer…who knew…


damn wassup, posting all of my combos on srk.

lol. yeah…i posted that dope dan corner combo on g.faqs.

anyway, after the the jump (fp) throw, you land before the opponent and that gives you enough time to do the otako michi before they hit the ground. dan can be hit out of it at the last second, but as far as ive seen most people block.

also, i think infinite is roll only.

in corner:

launch, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, fp, fk, delay lp, land, walk under,, c.fp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, qcb + fk.


i think on of easiest combos and simplest involves 2 supers and a assist

akuma assit(hurricane kick)
heavy punch
qcb kick super
then as soon as u hit the ground low light kick
qcf kick super
it does a decent amount of dmg and isnt complicated

needs to be done in the corner though


dan has 2 semi infinites and many versions of it.

first ones i the gadoken semi infinite

you can start it by:

c. lk, c. lk, lp gadoken cancel into super gadoken

keep doing super gadokens

you can also do it from a tag in hit

just juggle them when they hit the ground then do a super gadoken.

the other one is alot better the kouryu rekka semi

you can use any number of assists but the trick is to have the opponent in the air when you do the 2nd uppercut

just lk (call hulk dash assist) lk, kouryu rekka (they should soar into the air)

dash foward and time it so both hits connect on the character BEFORE they hit the ground.


it does alot of damage you should kill them in 4 supers (does 120 damage with 3 of them).

you can also juggle when they hit the ground but it’s alot harder to do multiples of it, and you will prolly just be doing a OTG (which means they can roll) its’ better to catch them in the air before they land.

you can also just get them in the gadoken semi infinite dash under and do both hits in some circumstances but the trick is to make them bounce up or be a little higher in the air if your going for it in from super gadoken set up.

you can also do the tag in set up (tag in , c. lk when they come down (juggle) into kou semi)

I take no credit for these infinites.

a bread and butter dash in would be

dash in lk, lk lp gadoken


if anyone still reads this thread i have a pretty easy 100% combo in the corner:,c.hp/\sj.[lp,lk,mp,mk]>(pause)airthrow/>s.lp,c.hp/\sj.[lp,lk,mk]>(pause)airthrow again/(while opponent is at peak of bounce)qcf KK(knocks them out of the screen)>wait until they just enter the screen again and lp or hp gadoken.
This will kill a full health Cable and it cannot be safe rolled or blocked, i’ve tested it extensivley.also, it is funny to watch someone fall from unimaginable heights, land on the worls smallest fire ball and bounce off screaming in agony. all you have to worry about is them teching the throws in the air, that is the main reason I change the second air combo, it messes with tech throw timing for human opponents. Have fun, it really isnt that hard to pull off.
If you are woried about the opponent not dying from the godoken, you can use Tron’s projectile assist to make sure that they will be dead.


In the post above mine your talking about a hp throw right. I have been practicing and I see that hitting the opponent after a hp in the air doesn’t connect when it should if the combo is true. Can someone please anwser this.


Any FSD combos on Mid sized Characters?