Basic frame data guide for newbies


Sigh I just cant. None of this makes any sense to me. Like why does framedata even include the extra frame in startup if you just have to subtract it later? Shit makes no sense at all…




Why do you want to subract it later? What are you trying to figure out?

In a game like SFIV, if an opponent’s move is -8f on block, just look for a move in your arsenal that has its startup listed as 8f or less to know if you can use it to punish. You don’t need to subtract anything.


Well, in the OP, he writes,

“The next column represents the move’s total lifespan in terms of frames. In this case, it’s 12. “But 4 + 3 + 6 = 13!!” I hear you say. That’s true but remember that the first frame of a move’s active phase is included in the startup! So it’s actually 3 + 3 + 6.”

So aren’t you supposed to subtract 1 to get the frame data for stuff…? I’m confused…


I never liked that notation for that reason, it can confuse some people because it is sort of a misnomer. To me start up should only be what leads up to the first active frame. That other notation has overlap where what they are calling start up includes one of the active frames.

I think of it simply as, if a move has a 3 frame startup, it can’t punish things that are -3 frames or less, even if it’s a frame perfect punish, because the move isn’t active until the 4th frame.

If I refer to something to a 3 frame jab, is means it has 2 frames of start up, and is active on the third frame, thus it can punish things are -3 or worse.

This really isn’t conveying any different information than the posts above, merely rephrasing it a bit.


My question is what are you trying to figure out with regards to actual gameplay? Why do you want to know how long the move lasts?

There’s not really much you can do with that information that you don’t already know intuitively.

Remember, the first post also says this:


Need some help.

Trying to read this but I have no idea what the number means at the start of the move in question e.g. 5LP

Can someone tell me? Used to seeing crouch lp or c.lp


It’s anime game notation. The numbers are your keyboard’s number pad. They correspond to joystick directions. 5lp is neutral light punch.


Many thanks!


Thanks a lot for this guide. Now I start to get an idea, what this frame data is all about.
One question: How are the frames per action determined? I mean, you can’t just count them, can you?


For whatever reason I’m still not getting it. I have guides and I understand a little bit, but for the most part I am CLUELESS!!!


I get the basics. But what about the more complex frame data?


Such as?


So I’d like to know if there’s a program or applet somewhere that I can use to figure out how much time is passing between button presses. I want to learn to kara-throw in 3S and it’s killing me.


Search on Youtube for “3s Training Mode Emulator Guide”. The relevant part of the video is at 9m24s


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I know this thread is old, but I’m new to this frame data study and I really need some guidance on this: I understood that when Frame Data says a jab is 4F, actually is 3F since it’s 4th F is when the move connects/hits (or am I wrong?), and here is what I’m wondering - my char has a MP with 6F startup, 2F active and +5 On Hit. Considering I’m hitting my opponent on the second active frame (well, if it’s a 6F startup, then the 6th frame is the 1st active, right?), it’ll give me a +5 advantage (right?). What about the third active frame? Does it add to the frame advantage, giving me a +6 advantage, or I’m getting all wrong?


It’ll still be active 2f since it counts from when your 6th frame hits/connects. Yes a 4 frame normal/move will connect on the 4th frame, I guess they just decided to count the startup with the actual hit for some reason.


thank you , but how do I get bible of frame data of each game?


Anyone know how to hack roms to look for frame data, hitboxes and hurtboxes? Some lesser known old games don’t have that information anywhere.