Basic Gen Setups (Share the ones that you consider helpful and necessary to progress as a player)

I looked and I couldn’t find a setup thread listing the basic ones so I thought I’d make one myself!

I hardly have any setups that I frequently use disregarding forward throw l.roll crane and backthrow hold up crane (and a few other safejumps) so this is not only a thread that’ll hopefully list all the useful setups but also a call for help because I am in dire need of some setups!

there is a thread with excess setups just search for it man

setups for what exactly?

i was thinking about useful setups in overall, oga, mixups after a hard knockdown/quickrise etc and after i’d finish listing them i’d post them under different categories ex “Oga setups” “sweep mixups” i have the spreadsheet with different oga crossups but i was thinking about the major useful ones so that new players wouldn’t have to go through trouble of skimming through excessive stuff

feel free to make them. I believe it will be useful

Im just looking for his combos and yes set ups would be nice, wo having to read through pages and pages trying to find information. Havent used Gen since vanilla. So having a basic page w/ all combos target combos and set ups would super nice.