Basic Hayato Combos

Okeedokee, here are pretty much all Hayato combos you will EVER need.,, s.Hp, Shiden (one hit) xx Rasetsu Zan,, s.Hp Shiden (one or two hit) xx Engetsu,, s.Hp, Shiden (one hit) xx B Hayato,, c.Hp, lp,lk,lp,lk, lp Guren xx Plasma Field

Plasma String Tag Out Combo (if I remember right)

b+lp,lp,Hp,Hk,lp xx Tag Out

Combos with Command Grab.

Byakko Hou, s.Hk (one hit) Shiden (one hit) xx Engetsu

Byakko Hou,, c.Hp, lk,lk, lp Guren xx Plasma Field

Byakko Hou, s.Hk (one hit) xx B Hayato

Byakko Hou, Engetsu


I like hayato. o_o;

Hes gonna be one of my mains.

I was playing around with him, and i looked here, and you were here :slight_smile: Happyness! hehe but anyways, i like some of his strings, and they are easyer for me to do…well some of the easy stuff.

Nice moves! Hopefully i get good at this game sooner or later @______@;;


Or ~KC~ ^_~

hayato is the best character in mvc2. PPL shall see.

Heh, you sound like a Soul Calibur player when you say that ~_^


Heh. You’ve convinced me to turn on my DC (my MvC2 copy is legit!) and try out a few things.

I generally use s.lp, s.lp due to ease and range, but is far superior in every other aspect. I should start using his much more often.

Never realised you could cancel into a Plasma Field until I saw someone do it last week.

Tested. It does work. By the way, is there a difference between the third hit of this plasma combo (b+lp, lp, hp OR lp, hk, lp), or is it merely a matter of preference?

Holy crap! I tested that, and it works! Sweet!

A few others:

Easiest move to buffer in the Black Hayato is s.HK (both hits), but you will never get the opportunity to do so.
j.HP, s.HK (two hits), hp.Shiden (one hit) xx Black Hayato works if the opponent is in the corner, though.

Another Plasma Chain combo:

j.HP, b+LP, LP, HP, HK, LP, (dash forward) c.LK, c.HP , lp lk lp lk lp.Guren (two hits) xx Plasma Field.

Timing is a little screwy on that, though. The air hits seem harder to do than the basic s.hp -> Air Combo.

And, I guess if you see an opening in your opponent’s defense and you are about 3/4th screen distance, you could :
hp.Shiden (one hit) xx Black Hayato.
Though I doubt the opponent will leave such an opening.

Any combos utilizing his f+hp? I heard rumors that it could be linked (not chained/two-in-oned) into all sorts of stuff.

how exactly do you do his command throw?

Command throw: Byakko Hou: b, f + 2P.

You have to be quick with the back, forward movement, or you will dash instead.

And in case you or someone else was wondering, the Black Hayato is Hayato’s Level 3 super. It is performed with lp, hp, b, lk, hk.

You’re missing some.

1.Hold Back+hp, hp, lp, hp, Jab Shiden.

Add a super if you want. I like this combo due to the effective startup. The hp plasma starter is really fast, has range, and has little lag. You can nail the opponent with just the tip of the hp plasma chain starter and still land an entire combo unlike a jab which will push the opponent out of range. What’s more is that if the opponent is lucky enough to block, you can continue the chain while calling in an assist without worry of lag between moves. The reason why I didn’t put a hp Shiden in the combo is that I suspect that the opponent recovers BEFORE Hayato does after getting HIT by a hp Shiden. I try not to end combos with a hp Shiden unless I am asking to be AHVBX3.

2.Crouching lp,,, 2 hit Shiden XX Engetsu

Really nice long range combo. Pause a split second before you OTG with Shiden. Most of Hayato’s chains will whiff if you connect with just the tip of the lp with this being an exception. If the opponent rolls, then don’t cancel into super. This combo is also useful to start with the sweep, then follow with the rest of the combo. Don’t try to do it in corners though unless you want to be AHVBX3.

You can do the HP.Shiden instead, which is what I usually do. Slightly more damage, and slightly more time to cancel into supers. Also, a variant of the chain has the fourth hit as lk (b+hp, hp, lp, lk). It LOOKS like it hits low, so I’m wondering if using the lk-variant would be better.

Several things:
One: the will miss if you start with the tip of the c.lp
Two: is generally more effective, despite having less range
Three: This combo is generally not effective because if they time their roll, the Shiden will whiff completely. I used to do a variant of this without the Shiden (i.e. doing the Engetsu after the sweep) until I saw that enemies could easily roll out of it.
I will say this, though: If they DON’T roll, that combo does very nice damage; almost as much as some of his combos into the Black Hayato. Timing seems to be an issue, because a few times, I would get one hit off the Engetsu, and that’s it.

I agree, but a few things first. I usually only continue the plasma chain if it actually hits, or else you might eat a nasty assist. If the Hp plasma chain starter doesn’t connect, then I sometimes just repeat it a few times as a poke. Also, the hp Shiden has way more lag at the end than a lp Shiden so the opponent has more time to play some high/low games with me which I don’t like (The opponent recovers quickly in midair). I use HP Shiden to combo into super and, on certain pesky characters, LP Shiden or HP Shiden+assist to end the combo. I’m not sure, but I think that the opponent recovers BEFORE Hayato does after a HP Shiden. I dont’ want to test it or if it’s true, everyone might find out.:confused:

Sometimes, it’s good to maintain a distance to keep the opponent in check instead of dashing in with just to get your face stuffed by an AA assist. I agree that is better that lp in every aspect except for range. Anyway, at long range, almost everything else will whiff besides this combo. You have to time the OTG so that the first hit of the Shiden hits them right when they are open for an OTG (It takes timing). If you sweep and go straight into Engetsu, it does less damage and they still can roll behind and have enough time to AHVBx3 the living daylights out of Hayato. If you do a Shiden, at least you won’t have to waste a super and then have to waste another super to DHC safely.

But in a combo, isn’t HP Shiden better? That was my point, but if on hit they recover quicker than Hayato, that may be a problem, and then I can see why you would use LP Shiden instead.

Thing is, I can’t get the combo to work at the c.lp’s maximum range (I can do it at about 2/3 the sword’s range). Even if you use an LP.Shiden, will quick characters have time to counter you if they roll? That’s my concern.

Might as well inform everyone about the crazy properties of (s.lp/, c.lp):
This has TREMENDOUS lag. If you hit with it and end the chain there, you are at a disadvantage. That’s right; YOU ARE AT A DISADVANTAGE ON HIT, AND CAN BE COMBOED. However, the strange thing about it is that you can cancel it into a Hard Punch or Hard Kick attack, f+HP, a special move, or a super move. Basically, you can cancel it into nearly anything during the recovery period. I’m wondering if this can be used to feign vulnerability, and then you can attack them (if you are quick) if they try anything.

Forget what I said. I rarely sweep anyway. Maybe only as a surprise long range attack if I know that it’s going to catch the opponent off guard. Bojack’s combos are really all you need plus the b+fierce combos. What the heck, use HP Shiden.

Anyway, if you OTG with Shiden but the opponent rolls, you are in a better situation than OTGing with Engetsu cause you went the other way and now you have a huge gap of distance between the opponent and you. The opponent might only be able to make you block a beam or wavedash only to reach you blocking. Cable will be happy though (he always is).

No objection there. I never Engetsu as a ground-attack anyways.

Yes, ending a string with or is heinous to Hayato’s health. Either chain to a s.Hp or Byakko Hou if you want to.

BTW, no combos but the ones I listed are really worth Hayato’s while.

Hayato/Capcom AAA

There’s a pretty neat tactic with Hayato’s sword stomp (Down+Roundhouse). It works pretty much like anyone else with a stomp move like Wolvie, IM, etc. People will expect a free combo when they block a stomp b/c of the lag. However, you can cover the lag by calling out Capcom AAA. It helps cover your ass when you’re recovering and it may hit your opponent. Try it with just about any assist that benefits Hayato.

You have nice combo options with Hayato/Sent/Capcom. The drones will enable you to rush down w/o as much worry and can open up possibilities.

**Yeah i like Hayato, but could you PLEASE list which moves are what? Like Rasetsu Zan,Engetsu,Guren…and so on.

Oh and BTW my friend told me his inf a loooong time ago, but i don’t remember what it is, does anyone know it?**

Ransetsu Zan=qcf+pp

**Thanks that clears that up.
So Does anyone know the infinite?

I think it’s like one of the plasma combos but there is a repeated last hit.**

I believe that’s B+lp, lp, hp, hk, lp, repeat. But I never tried it out or pulled it off. I don’t think that you need it to win. The timing must be tricky or something. Nobody told me how to do it but they say that if you wait too long, the opponent can roll out of it.

New Hayato Flashy combo (well as flashy as his ass can get),, s.Hp, Hp Guren xx Engetsu

Ok, this is actually a tricky one, you have to cancel the Guren after the first hit while he STILL ON THE GROUND.

That’s all for now.