Basic Hayato Combos

It looks awesome. Damage is decent.

This just in, new Hayato combo that does sick damage for a single super combo that is this easy to pull off.

j.Hp, dash in,,, c.Hp xx Engetsu

If you do it right the Engetsu still tags them. Does 79 points damage on regular characters and sets up nicely for all kinds of DHCes.


this is most stylish combo strings i use dealing with plasma combos

b. lp, lp, lp, hk, lp when they spiral into the air in a electrical aura i either

  1. engetsu (by itself, or after the first two hits send a partner out with a projectile super)
  2. quickly dash foward and c.lp/, c.hp, /, sj.lp,,,, pause, then air throw. but if your not quick enough the opponent could land out of the last hit of the plasma combo and roll out your launcher. it takes off about a good 1/3 of the opponents life.

i was wondering why no one posted a Plasma Field into OTG Black Hayato combos, but i guess that’s because people roll every single time :bluu: but it’s still good to know ya? like emm … in corner -, dash-in,,, (both hits) XX Shiden (both hits) XX Plasma Field, OTG with whatever into Black Hayato

besides if you end a combo with Plasma Field, what do you do with the infinite supers??? Hayato’s supers don’t chip much, and aren’t very safe as well, and it’s not like the Plasma Field blast does a lot of damage either

Gotta plug the LP plasma combos… While they aren’t as damaging as doing a corresponding normal combo, they have more range, almost no lag off the HK (if you whiff), and Combo into the Shiden or extended air combo easy. If you have the choice, go with a normal… but tagging someone into a super without the risk of a countered Shiden is always nice.

They also work well after an opponent’s landing… If you dash in for a LK or LP, you can get stuffed by a high priority jump-in… but the LP catches a lot of people if you time it right.

Also, during the part of the LP plasma that sends them spiralling… you can connect with almost any assist, and extend the combo even further.

And, by the way, that Guren -> Engetsu combo sounds just incredible… I’ll have to give it a try. Nice.

Tron Jon

There’s a nice Hayato combo at the beginning of the Joo Vol.5 Mvc2 combo vid. He’s doing a plasma combo on Ruby Heart and it ends with a basic combo into his Sword Combo super (im not gonna bother to type the name of the super in Japanese, dont have the time to! lol). Well anyway, anyone know how to string plasma combos into regular combos?

read my previous entry in this thread

you can do the b. lp lp lp hk lp into a dash then launcher for an air combo

Cool looking Hayato combo…

b+(HP,LP,HP,HP), HP Shiden (1 hit), Engetsu (or RZ).

BTW, I’ve figured out what’s best about the Plasma series. They let you counter (you have to anticipate) a move with a potential super combo, switch-in, or air combo at a range where you could normally only land a poke. In addition, if you do the combo right, you can cancel out with absolutely no lag, so no chance for punishment.

Other fun things… pulling the switch-up. A person crosses you up when you’re hitting with an HP Shiden, but you’ve connected with their assist… call Engetsu in the direction of their assist. You will, 90% of the time, turn around and hit your opponent, who’s dashing in at you to save their assist from pain and torment. The other 10% of the time, you hit the assist, and get pain and torment inflicted on you, and maybe the assist.

Unless they time the hit perfect, and the Engetsu turns around an hits them. And then you combo them as they land.

Tron Jon

I know this works, but I need to learn the ending better…

Hayato’s longest combo (so far)…

In the corner:

(Call Tron) jump-in HP, (Tron connects), b+(LP,LP,HP,HK,LP), dash-in,, c.hp, /, sj.lp,,,, d+HK, LP Guren (1-2 hits), Plasma Field, land, s.lp, B.Hayato.

HP Guren can combo instead of the LP, but it’s easier to whiff, meaning that you give the opponent a lot of time to get ready to kick your behind.

I also feel that I could put Tron in there more, just for pain’s sake.

Overall: about 33 hits, and lotsa damage.

Fun times.

T. Jon

best way to combo in the Black Hayato is:,,s.HP, qcf+lp (one hit), BH. The trick here is to buffer in the HP during the qcf+lp. I do it like this… s.HP, qcf + lp~hp (the buffer)…finish it hk~lk (LvL.3 super). So easy.

If the notation for the super is worng, sorry…forgot. I haven’t played Hy in a long ass time.

Whick one is better Hayato or Strider Hiryu cause i think this two was both rival in Plasma Sword…?? which one you’l go…?

i would say that strider is better but hayato is definitely funner to play with

well your ryt hayato is fun to play! but he’s cheap strider is more damaging and very danger to mess with!

yes he is very dangerous he is definitelly a contender and if it was a excellent hayoto vs. an excellent strider strider owns hayato scrawny ass

its depends on the player strider has more stamina that hayato plus strider has that pets that can make ur meter more faster and dr.doom has good cover with strider and anti air with CapCom… but hayato has less stamina and no pets around him to get meter work a little faster… :slight_smile:

hayoto is just made to fight with your not supposed to run or build meter with him he’s just an ass kickin motherfucker:cool:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: LOOK ANTHER GAY ASS CHAR U PLAY WITH VYPER U MUST FUCKEN SUCK!!!

P.S. Guile still blows!!

guile maybe i can get him using mag. or either strom and cable!.. :lol: :slight_smile:

dont hate guile kicks ass and some people can kick anybody’s ass with guile im not that good cause i cant take mag out but cable gives me no comp and storm i can beat her but it is hard

yeah your right its hard to get those character’s and very dangerous to fight with cause they have flights and air dash combos and triagle jump’s you need and anti air and nice fast projectal assists