Basic Hayato Combos

I didn’t really read any of the combos after the first post, so I’m sorry if this has already been posted…

<In the Corner> [Plasma String] B+LP LP HP HK LP (DON’T hit LP again, that’ll screw it up…), c.LP (OTG, I’m almost certain they can roll, though…), c.HP /\ LP LK MP xx LP Shiden (Guren? I can’t remember, it’s the uppercut one you can actually do in the air…) xx Plasma Field, / c.LP (Those damn OTGs… However, if you hit them like… at the exact right time, they can’t roll because it’ll like be an air hit and crap…) xx Shiden (Or Guren, the rushing one you CAN’T do in the air…) xx Rasetsu Zan, Engetsu, or B. Hayato (Gee, I wonder which one I would pick…)

I’ve never actually been able to get past the / c.LP, but in theory it should work, and crap like that… So if anyone actually pulls this off, then I humbly say… Homer Simpson voice “Woo-hoo!!”

anybody has a video on hayato!

you can roll away if you connect a plasma field in an air combo after the guren ?

And after you have done the previous, does XX blackhayato combo on everyone ? does it even combo at all ?

Yep! On the landing, you can roll… though it is possible to start your, or at exactly the right moment, so rolling is impossible. You need to hit with one of these, or an assist… I’ve had absolutely no luck landing the B.Hayato straight. Using an assist is definitely fun… if you didn’t do one earlier in the combo., B.Hayato combos on everyone, but you need to be fast about it. It’s hard to time so that they don’t roll… and there’s plenty of time to roll., I believe, is easier to prevent rolling with… but you need to start entering the super command before you connect with the first hit, so you have to be sure you’ve timed it right.

Then again, I’m not really the one to ask… my comboing into the B. Hayato really isn’t impressive, or reliable. It’s getting better, though.

Tron Jon

Is Hayato’s super that resembles magnetic shockwave, does it have the same property of when it comes out, it will keep going no matter what ?

Hayato’s Engetsu (shockwave) has some interesting properties…

The first: It’s fast, but the first hit is a melee hit… a downward slash of his sword. After that, the wave comes out. The wave cancels projectiles (HSF), ignores beams, and keeps going to the end of the screen. It does more damage the closer you are to the center of the spikes, I believe… it does not reach extremely high, so it’s best to combo it, or call it in response to or during an opponent’s projectile super (i.e. HSF, Legion, etc.)

If you whiff, Hayato’s end pose lasts long enough to be AHVB’d. Don’t toss it out.

It can be DHC’d out of after the first hit of the wave, and continues travelling until its last normal hit, making it good for DHCs.

Finally, the (almost useless) glitch. If Hayato whiffs the Engetsu while the opponent is crossing him up, so long as the wave has already started travelling, it will turn around when he gets hit. Most of the time, it hits the opponent, or prevents the combo. But it’s dumb as hell to whiff the Engetsu, so you won’t see it much.

Engetsu does good damage when successfully comboed. It suffers a lot from Damage reduction, but makes up for it by being a good DHC. 50% on a good combo.

The Best Engetsu Combos seem to happen off the first hit of the shiden (plenty of time). It combos after the second hit as well, but certain notable characters cough Sentinel, Dr. Doom cough fall out of it, which is more than inconvenient when they roll behind you halfway through. Does more damage off the second hit, but it’s guaranteed not to get you killed off the first. Your choice.

Rasetsu Zan, Hayato’s other super, is also a good DHC, and seems to suffer less from Damage reduction. But that may just be me. It’s more difficult to combo, though, because it has horrific startup time. I’m just beginning to appreciate it’s ability to catch assists, and combo into beams, however.

Tron Jon

i believe so

You really only need 2, if you connect with the Plasma Field and the screen goes to super combo mode (color blue with meteors in the background), the B.Hayato is only 1 level:evil: !!

Hi everyone I’m relatively new to MVC2 and Hayato’s in my team. Like using him cos his melee attacks have huge range and Plasma Combos are unique to him…

It is possible for your opponent not to roll out in this Plasma Combo if you do a s.LK instead of c.LK (which is an OTG). The s.LK hits the opponent in mid-air and so you can connect to the launcher…

Hold Back, LP, LP, HP, HK, LP, recover from lag and dash in with s.LK (timing required), c.HP, sj.Aerial Rave

I always like to end aerial raves with Plasma Field (QCB+2K). Any hyper combos within the time given are FREE :slight_smile: ! So if s.HK (2 hits) ever connects, you can take your time while the 2 hits are executed to do LP,HP,Back,LK,HK for B.Hayato which is FREE instead of 3 levels. I find the QCF+P (1 hit) into B.Hayato not exactly that reliable cos it may be difficult to tell whether you should connect into BH within that short time of 1 hit. In case the opponent blocks BH, you’re a goner. So in my opinion s.HK’s 2 hits give you enough time to contemplate.

Hope this may be useful cos I’m a newbie…

does hayato have any overheads he can follow up with? i was thinking lower tiers could be playabel but most need some cross up to be able to fight the high tiers. without a decent overhead most of the lower tiers can never land a hit =\

damn, haven’t been on here in awhile…anway, change it up just a lil bit, and u can make the full thing connect:
In corner b+lp,lp,hp,hk,lp, c.hp (havent done it in a while, but should connect from corner, if not, then use psylocke AAA after plasma combo, then c.hp, 100% guaranteed hit w/out OTG) /\ sj.lp,,,, fierce guren (1 or 2 hits, one recommended) xx plasma field (watch position, other wise, u will cross em up during the plasma field, and knock 'em across to the end of the screen and out of the corner) land, wait, then OTG c.hp /\ sj.lp,,,,sj.hp, (if u time it, rolling is impossible. u should be able to black hayato after the, but u gotta be real fast about it.


good shit, good shit…but i got a longer one,variation of the video…in or near corner: jump-in hk,dash-in,lk,lk,f+hp,b+hp,lp,hp,hp,fierce shiden xx plasma field, OTG weak shiden xx black hayato (buffered) dashing hp, cable proj. assist, lk,lk,f+hp,b+hp,lp,hp,weak shiden xx black hayato (buffered)

if i remember correctly it’s 56 hits, damage=Death.

i probably already posted this somewhere on the threads, sorry if i did tho, Tron Jon’s is probably more reliable due to the fact that in mine you can roll out before you even hit the first b.hayato. also gotta make sure you’re in the corner before the plasma field, otherwise it won’t hit. works on most characters, save a few, but works on all except Servbot when you’re in the corner. one mor thing: timing between the dashing hp and cable assist is crucial…i still have trouble with it…but then again…i’m only using a controller…i wanna get a joystick, otherwise i probably can’t get better…but anyway, enough about my life story

Yeah bumping forgotten thread :smiley:

Actually I wonder if anybody still plays him. I know some peeps last year came outta nowhere to revive discussion, for what it’s worth I still can’t byko grab well in a real match and have trouble following up some plamsa strings (not all of them). I run psylocke now for OTG support and usual drones for rush in. I’ll work at him a bit more again and see if I can pull off some of these old advance chains. :stuck_out_tongue:

^i started playing with him. i’m probably wasting my time. i’m thinking cyke, hayato, sent.
can i have some vids?

Wish I had some. There were some good vids of him a while back people posted up but I can’t seem to find them anymore.