basic stragey

anyone know any straigies with sean cause i don’t the art of sean to well i just jump over fireballs with his dp+k move and tackle i don’t know any combos any thing just tackle

Well I’m not a big Sean player but all I can say is learn how to mix-up with all your might. NOT TO BE PLAYED AS A SHOTO!!! It can’t happen you’ll die even quicker than usual and consider playing as him a secondary character.

Some basic mix-up would be a xx qcb lk(tornado) throw. If you don’t throw the enemy will

Waking up enemy s.hp with give yourself a little distance.
Tackle will get you raped don’t use it. Only as a scare tatics is it useful at a distance.

I’ll try to post more later I have class.

alpha style

anyone rember the zenpo tenshin roll from alpha 1 with ken use that stragey against him mix it up with grabs, and lk+lp combo also use it for super arts and many other things you can think if ther e’s something new with this stragey please posts

hey, thanks :smiley:

Sean is a big risk/reward taker but gets very little reward and the risks are just bad to make you not want to do any. Tackles is your friend.

How the heck is cr.forward canceled into Tornado, throw a mixup? Never do tornado, nothing good comes from it.

It’s also a risk reward - using EX Tornade doesn’t really leave you at a frame disadvantage, so it’s like a ghetto reset.

…Not that I’d EVER reccomend doing that…but that’s about the only way you can use it.

If I can recall I do think you’re at a frame disadvantage. I have to check again later

Oh, yeah. They ALL do. But EX Tornade’s is small enough that if you like, NEVER do it, you can catch someone off guard. It’s pure shenanigans.

I don’t know how you can catch someone off guard with EX Tornado. He turns gold, hits multiple times and doesn’t knock down the opponent if hit; its a shenanigan that loses. I would rather use short tornado for a shenanigan, but nothing good comes out of any Sean’s Tornados.

Which is exactly why I don’t use it. If you look at my Sean thread, you’ll notice that I never use it. I’m just explaining the most reasonable way I found to use a Tornade (which, not surprisingly, is still very bad).

The best way to play with Sean: poking and throwing… > lk tornado kick is basic…

jumping hp>hp>SAI is good basic jumping combo.