Basic Strat, And Adv Tech help


I am :lame: newbie, anyways I play Soul Calibur 2 and Tekken, I just picked up 3S, and I was curious to as if anyone could point me in the right direction for like a good bread and butter faq or thread, and basic (Not character specific) adv. techniques faq.



try everyone except sean, umm try to get the basics down first, ken and chunli are really good at this

especially chun, coz she aint like those big combo ppl, more of a poker, just play her a bit on SA2 and try using back+hp in ur game and all, try pokes like and if u got meter, try into SA2 and keep on going further on that, etc.

try to learn how everyone plays example: alex big powerguy, necro and makoto real stunners, ken goes rushdown sometimes when playing the comp etc.

eventually when u learn evything and what works and not, try to xx SA2, when the last hit connects, quickly press down, up do shell superjump out of it and then do roundhouse so they get smacked down, thats like chunlis basics, shes REALLY easy to learn

and from hee, u try other ppl etc. like urien and Q charge ppl, dudley lots of hcb or hcf moves, necro and makoto going for the stun and ryu just for the damage etc.

i hope this was worthful to you, if u cant read it, just say so :wink: ill add more punctuation then :stuck_out_tongue:


check how to 3s vid I


Yea, I competed in Soulcal2 and MvC2 at BV.
I dont play anymore though.that was my last tourny.


I don’t know where the nearest 3s machine is, but im looking for somwhere to test my skills, I only have one person i play against… So if anyones holding any tourneys lemme know T.

Sidenote… does anyone know where the hell i can get some Ryu tourney vids???


thongboy, hurry up with that 3s bible d00d.


Righty-o. Ha, and here I thought there was no need.



The best place to find Third Strike vids is on mIRC. As my university firewall blocks that service though, I cannot specify a channel. I’d recommend looking for some of Georgia’s matches; he’s generally considered to be the best 3S Ryu in Japan. You could search for some Valle vids too, but I can’t vouche for there quality - although it’s Valle, so I doubt much could be off.

Otherwise, while not a match vid, you can’t go wrong watching Mopreme’s classic ‘Total Ryu’ a few times. Download it at his site: (I think…)

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