Basic Video Tutorial/Guide for Total Beginners for SSF4

This is the comprehensive post for video tutorials:

Beginner Level:

“Basic Video Tutorial/Guide for total Beginners” by TBird
Part 1: Move overview and Basic Combo Theory 9:57

Part 2: EX-Moves 7:48

Part 3: Super & Gauge Management 8:42

Part 4: The Power of Buffering 9:56

Part 5: Understanding Hyperarmor 7:04

Part 6: Focus Attack Secrets 9:42

Part 7: FADC - The Ultimate Tool 9:47

Part 8: Training Mode & Execution 9:29

Part 9: Defense & Blocking 9:59

Advanced/Pro Level

“How to read and Use Frame Data” by OneHandedTerror

**Part 1: Read Frame Data 9:56

Part 2: Use Frame Data 8:49

“Comprehensive Tutorial Collection” by VesperArcade

Youtube channel:

“Advanced/Pro Strategy” by Systran

**Part 0: Frames, Cancels, Links 7:12

Part 1: Zoning 4:16

Part 2: Knockdown & Wakeup 8:02

Part 3: Adapting and playing solid 9:59

Part 4: Basic Mix-up Ryu 4:33

“3-Minute-Fundamentals” by Lord of Ultima

**Part 1: Hit Confirming 3:17

Part 2: Option Selects 3:45

Very nice tutorial. I thought the explanation of chains, links, and cancels was very good and that’s probably the most difficult concept for beginners to understand. The only criticism I would have is that that part is introduced a bit early in the tutorial. I think anyone who’s learning something in the first 4 minutes is going to be completely lost in the last 6 minutes. Still, a very nice tutorial. I’ll be watching for the next one.

Doesn’t help that fighting games never have tutorials. The challenge mode in Super4 has combos you can only perform in the corner but, they don’t tell you that. A moderate player will know right away from the way it whiffs that you have to hit it in the corner but, a newbie will never have that epiphany.

Good job on making a basic video but, that’s a lot to take in at once. You should include a transcript or just some bullet points so they can use it to “study” the things they have learned(EX. -Learn the range of your Normals).

Enjoyed the video. I’m glad someone is taking the time to explain certain combos and slowing the video examples down.

Looking forward to the newest edition.

Next time you make such a video, prepare a transcript. The “uuh” every 3 secs gets very tedious to listen to.

The description about chaining isn’t entirely right. You can also chain different normal moves together as long as they’re… well, chainable :stuck_out_tongue: eg cr.LK cr.LP with shotos is also a chain.

Also, the ending came a bit abrupt. “If you’re lazy just look up what combos for your character there arethank you for watching”. That felt a bit weird.

Other than that, nice job and good effort.

Thanks for all the feedback! :pleased:

That is a very good idea, I will include that for the next part. :smile:

Absolutely, audio parts with “uuh” should be re-recorded. I will try to improve the audio quality further next time.

Ok, I didn’t know that :blush:

Yes, the problem was that I calculated with a 6-7 minute video and suddenly had hit the 10 minute upload limit for youtube. I really did not want to split the video just to add my 60 second outro, but now I see it would have made more sense to do 2 parts.

Generally speaking, I will take more time for the next part to get it 100% right. Since these videos turn out to be more work than I expected, I wanted to check first if there is a actually any demand for these kind of tutorials.

BlazBlue collector’s edition had a bonus dvd with tutorials and walkthroughs from players. I know that Super was only 40 bucks and packed with tons of stuff, so maybe the tutorial mode got lost in the shuffle. When you talk to people about Street Fighter, a lot of them pass on the game because they say it’s too difficult and no one wants to help a novice player level up. Having competent a built in tutorial/dojo mode would remedy that problem.

But truth be told, you level up faster when you play against players in person that are better than you who are willing to push you to become better.

By the way, TbirdSF4, nice video. Keep up the good work–there’s definitely a demand for tutorials for newer players.

Really great tutorial! Can’t wait to see the next one!

Awesome work, and highly appreciated by the noobies out there (like me). And I found your “Ummms” to be fine - English isn’t your first language, so it’s to be expected!

Nice tutorial. Just got my copy of SSF4 for the 360 today. Excited to start playing

Would you able to make one for ssf4?

Very nice start, I appreciate the effort you’re putting forth, and I look forward to seeing you improve on your future videos! Here’s some things I would say to work on:

-Perhaps start at an even MORE basic level. I think you did well to explain some concepts, but even they were a bit high for someone who JUST hit the start button. My advice would be to try and get into the mind of the beginner. Pretend that you’ve never even see a fighter before perhaps… Though I guess it threatens to become TOO basic you may turn people away, I believe you’ll have to leave it to your digression in the end.

-Have a basic set script/plan of action. As others have said having a script and an very good plan of action on what to talk about is very important. Be careful not to kill yourself reading something word for word though, or else you might risk sounding boring, which would be terrible.

-Diagrams were actually very nice! A bit basic looking but they got the job done. I really like the Linking/canceling diagrams using time as a reference point, very cool.

-Probably my biggest “problem” is that you need to get more editing in there! Maybe upgrade your mic, include more editing to have a more polished product. Things like transition effects, light background music when you’re talking (or none at all during important explination parts), music during the gameplay segments (this is important for people who like to ‘hear’ combos like RSF, which I think you can appreciate as someone who plays Fuerte like myself). Instead of sitting on a static image of the SF4 logo try to be a bit more creative while also being informative. You have the whole forums and the wiki as a source to “translate” the information as you said, but what will really get people to pay attention will ultimately be the overall presentation and what they think of the quality.

By the way, I find your accent pretty cool, your English is understandable but it’s obviously not your first language :lol: “As a rule of thump” hehehe. Keep making videos and you might end up as the next Chris Hu.

Here’s an example of someone who does some game related videos with some very good editing:

Take a look through her videos, don’t focus on the topics, but instead on how the information is being presented (along with the many video cuts, background music changes, text, transitions and timing, ect) and you’ll see what I mean.

Really hope this helps, and I hope to see you improve in the future! Cheers!


Part 2: EX-Moves is up!


This guide is intended to be for SSF4. All the things I show work in Street Fighter 4 as well as in Super Street Fighter 4.

First of all thanks for your constructive feedback :tup:You are right about the audio quality, I ran the audio through a compressor, a de-esser and some noicecancelling tools and I think the result is much better this time.
While I admit that there is lots of room for improvement on the technical side, I have a different philosophy when it comes to teaching.

What I want to do with these videos is to teach people the basic mechanics of Street Fighter so they will stay interested in the game and help grow the community. My goal is neither to be very entertaining nor visually very impressing. First and foremost the information has to be correct and structured and help people to get better.

I myself use professional video tutorials from to learn all kinds of software and I absolutely like the no-nonsense approach. Just a video of the desktop and a guy talking helps me to learn the fastest. If they would start to introduce background music, I would immediately stop buying from them.

I am sorry to say that, but sometimes I have the feeling that Youtube really overdoes it and people are more interested in having the latest and coolest Hip-Hop song along with flashy animation in their video than to actually get their point across.
In a nutshell: Better audio quality ? Yes. Better diagrams and video effects ? Absolutely. A flashy multimedia presentation, because the average teen is lacking the ability to listen for 7 minutes ? No.

Fair enough, just don’t forget who your target audience actually is. Just a different approach, it’s fine. :tup: You just know that if it did have all which I said it would reach a wider audience, which I felt was your goal since it is aimed for beginners, you know what I mean? However I also see the point of no frills.

As a tutor/teacher, when I am teaching/tutoring students in a particular subject matter, I always make it entertaining to make concepts stick better. However when it comes to SF, it’s towards an audience who wants to learn the information, so I’m going to assume perhaps it may not be necessary, hm.

Thanks a lot for these videos. They are helping me try make more sense of things :slight_smile:

very nice tutorials , beginners will defiantly love this

Subscribed. I hope you keep these up. It’s going to be a very valuable tool for a newb like me.

Nice tutorial. I’m a beginner to SSFIV and these videos have been very helpful in getting me up to speed. I look forward to future releases. ^^

I understand what you mean, if I would teach i.e. a calculus class which half of my students dislike, I would be worried about that point as well. But right now, I really believe that it is possible for someone to listen for 10 minutes and then go on to play the game for entertainment on his Xbox.

Added to this there is simply the problem of time and effort it would take for me to create a video with better “presentation”. My video editing skills are only basic and I’d rather spend my time releasing more information than to polish a single video for a month.