Basic Yun Comands

I searched all of the topics and didn’t see anything relating to basic Yun moves and combo’s. I am talking about simple things like lp,lk,mp and what you usually do after that, or other “magic series” type set ups.

Sorry if what I am asking for is elementary, but I am trying to learn the Ins and Outs of the character and it starts with the basics.

Maybe there should be a dive kick sticky up or something(if it isn’t already in the GJ thread).

LP>LK>MP>dash punch, or lp tetsuzankou(or HK upkicks against shotos)

close mp/link lk> lp dash punch.

dive kicks(should be topic for newbs)

low mk> dash punch

Basically, the goal with Yun is to be in GJ mode as much as you can, he really isn’t a threat to most characters without super meter/willingness to use it for EXes. Actually, a useful side topic could be GJ block strings, haven’t really seen any posted on the GJ thread.

Doesn’t yun have a two hit attack in the air?


Could you elaborate, I’m still having a bit of trouble.

In the air, hit Light Punch, then --> Heavy Punch, what couldn’t you understand?

I missed the directional command for the fierce punch. My fault

dont forget mp hp b.hp altho the chain combo would be better.
but this can connect from a bit farther range.

and mostly anything else to lunge punch does the trick.

another link… lp lunge