Basic Yun Combos

so a few new people have said theres no basic yun info so i’m gonna just list his basic combos and thats all in this thread.

jab = lp
strong = mp
fierce = fp
short = lk
forward = mk
roundhouse = rh

cl = close
cr. = crouching

lunge = qcf p
palm = qcb p
upkicks = dp k
command grab = hcb k
shoulder = dp p

basic combos
lp, lk, mp, fp lunge
lp, lk, mp, dp rh (works on everyone but oro,ibuki, twins,chun, and dudley requires timing but it works on him too)
lp, lk, mp, very very slight delay, dp mk works on remy, fp, back + fp, mp lunge, lunge or,, lp lunge (this is a link and requires a little timing)
mp or fp shoulder, lunge x 2, lp lunge, sj follow up of choice (j.rh or j.lp -> f.fp air chain), lunge
cr.rh, st.rh

everything else should be covered in the genei jin thread if i missed anything post it up i’m gonna compile this and then close it so its only the one post

123 Upkicks works on Remy as well but you have to use the Medium version

Is there any use to the Medium Shoulder, f.FP, jab lunge combo (on cornered Q only I think…), or is it too difficult to reliably pull off?

What is that combo on Q?

Like, Flip, Cr.Mp, Dragon kick and then anoter dragon kick… Something like that… I really don’t get it.

command throw
walk forwarc 123
dp hk
walk > lk upkicks

lp, lk, mp, fp lunge does not work

Its either LP or MP lunge

yes it does

Thank You Very Much =] :pray::bgrin:

After Stun?

I don’t there’s any use for it To be honest.

The HP version never combo’d off of 123, until I read this post.

This is some twilight zone shit :wtf:

i’m like that kid in the movie, i make things manifest with my mind

I’m starting on my yun vid today

recording some stuff.

Really? I’ve been doing this w/o the zenpou with 12 delayed 3, late lk upkicks which combos but hits on the second hit of the upkick, then walkup cr mp lk upkicks, although this version is REALLY FUCKING HARD mid screen but rather easy when Q is cornered.

I’ve got some issues with two basic links;

The > lk > jab lunge link is great, but it doesn’t seem to work on some characters like Necro. Is it just that my timing is off or does the link fail against some specific characters? Also, does the link work on some characters in the corner but not midscreen?

Same questions for > > jab lunge link, does it work on all characters or is it character specific? Again, are there any characters that does link only works on in corners?

Just some vibes I’ve gotten from those two links but my timing is so-so…

it works on everyone everywhere at all times

Yeah, the short short does I guess, but on like Urien and Necro I still cant chain the > lk.

I used to play Ken, so to me it feels like that all the cahracters you can’t do a cr.short-jab-short string on, while they’re standing, you can’t, or will have problems with the > lk chain.

So like Urien, Necro and Q (maybe, haven’t tried that one).

Any objections?

after the st. strong, walk forward ever so slightly, and then do st. short. i just hold forward during the st. strong until i do the short. weird body properties…their nether regions seem harder to hit (like…their feet are farther away than most after you push them away), which would also explain why ken can’t do the 2nd short in cr.short xx cr. jab xx cr. short.

dunno. i think it works.

This information was very useful. Thanks man.

Well I haven’t play this game since 2002, but from what i remember most combos don’t do more than 28 points on damage. There is however a 2-hit combo that does 32 points by itself. The combo it is just the standing MK, (the one that launches) then F+FP (the timing for this must be a bit quick after the medium kick or it won’t hit).

There is some combos i didn’t know about so they might do a similar damage. There is very good info here.

Sorry if people already knew this, but I figured I’d mention it just in case. Matsuda used a combo against Chinta (Ken) in SBO6 (2008) that I hadn’t seen done before and isn’t (quite) listed in the OP; basically, it’s a small extension of the link combo. He linked a second cr. mp right after the first one. In other words:

cr. mp, cr. mp, st. lk, lp lunge.

I assume you need to be right next to the opponent for it to work; Matsuda used it right after whiffing a short dive kick that left him as close to Chinta as you could get. I haven’t checked if it only works on specific characters or anything (no SF3 access right now), but I figure it probably does.

Also, it might be a good idea to mention that the lk in the original mp, lk, lunge link combo doesn’t have to be done standing (on Ryu at least, I learned this a while ago). I personally find it a little easier done with cr. lk. I have no clue if you can do the double mp link into a crouching lk though; does cr. lk have less/more range than st. lk? Again, no SF3 currently :sad:.