Basics Urien Vid

I just need to see some basic Urien vids. I know the combo inputs, but I think I need a vid to see the timing, and to know exactly what should connect. Any vids of just basic stuff?

ie: c.HP (1 hit) xx LK Tackle xx HP Aegis, HK Tackle, HK Knee Drop.

I think I know the combo, but I don’t know how to do it. Please don’t just say “Well, delay the first tackle, then HK, etc.” I’d just like a vid, if possible. I’m very bad with verbal instructions.

I think you are talking about the standard mid-screen unblockable. Ill make you one. Give me 5 min and add me on icq or msn for the shit.

Heh, thanks. :slight_smile: I’m online right now.

Can I see the vid as well? And at the same time get the lowdown on how to play Urien properly?