What’re some good basic combos and tips to know?

I’m making a cross from SFA3 to this and playing the Xbox version.

So far I only jump in with hk, mk, and hp, I also use hk hurricane kick in the air and combo a shoryuken off that. I use SAI, but I wouldn’t mind learning SAIII. Mostly right now I can only combo shoryukens off of hurricane kicks and connecting hadoukens.

I’ve watched combo vides, but they’re slightly more in-depth to start off with. Can anyone give me some info on playing more advanced? I’m starting with Akuma, then to Ryu, Oro, and Q.

Start w/ Ryu then Akuma if you’re learning basics. Ryu is on the surface much less complicated.

Start w/ Ryu then Akuma if you’re learning basics. Ryu is on the surface much less complicated. Learn how to execute his basics and fight decently, then move on to Akuma. He can build off of Ryu’s basic mixup game and then add the air FB/hurricane combos/general Akuma tricksiness.

crouching mk + lk hurricane + fp uppercut
same as above, but after the hurricane do a jab then SA1. Don’t use SAIII, SAI is the best.

Yeah, I’m more consistent with SAI rather than SAIII. I’d prefer more combos that don’t require too many Super Arts since it’d be better in battle., lk tatsumaki, hp DP

This is Akumas most basic decent combo, other than adding other things to this combo and mixing up your game this is probably the combo your gonna want to be doing most of the time, mostly in punishment situations (note: you could place a s.hp in place of a but it is less but it is less safe)

you could mix this combo up by adding on a j.hp in the beggining or catching a char in the air with a hk air tatsumaki, lk tatsumaki as soon as you land, hp DP.

You could play mind games with this combo by doing a s.hp into a demon flip + k in place of a hp DP at the end, puts pressure on the opponent.

SAI is the most safest super.

These are my personal opinions for a Gouki newb, you might wanna watch some match footage to get a better idea.

The problem with that BnB combo is that it whiffs on crouching characters, making it a lot less reliable than say, Ken’s target combo>lp srk combo. Going straight into crouching mk>hadoken or mk/hk tatsumaki are the safer options, you will probably start getting thrown if you do LK tatsumakis in anything but punishment situations.

Thanks, I’m trying to start with simple things then move on to more advanced strats.

For AA, am I fine with s. hk, c. hp, and lp DP or should I do other things?
Also, does his demon kick (jump, df + mk) have good priority, what are some situations that would it’d be useful in? (if any)

Try to mix in HP DP, because good players will parry straight through an lp dp. If you have meter, always get ready to super if any of your dp’s get fully parried, so that they can have more to parry on the way down. Alternatively, if you have no meter and are playing against a parry god, stick with c. hp and throw out a tatsumaki if it gets parried.

Don’t throw out the demon kick too much, you don’t want your opponent to get accustomed to its timing. It’s a great weapon to Akuma’s game and an easy hit confirm for his supers. Use it to easily punish fireball whores, and mix it up in your mixup game(- -), emphasize LOW when your on the ground, then bust out a superjumped early demon kick, if you’ve been pressuring them, they might not react in time to block it properly.

Not Ghaleon dear Quark. Magic Emperoarrrr Ghaleon! ;:slight_smile:

learn to kara throw. cancel into throw.

Yeah, I’ve been trying that.

Are there any short combos that are just difficult in general to pull off? Or vice versa (long combo, easy to pull off)?

So far I use the combos mentioned in the posts and…

j. hp/hk, s. hp, hadouken/DP
j. hp/hk, c. mk, hadouken
j. hp, c. mk, SA1
j. hp, DP xx SA1

Are there other things I can do with those as well?

To deal with the crouching issue, on most characters (excepting twins, Ibuki, Oro, Remy, maybe one or two others), you can rush up after a knockdown and from point blank, do d.short, d.jab, and if it hits do mk hurricane, then sp DP. Requires practice, but worth it to have something safe and verifiable. You do have to be right on top of them though or the hurricane won’t combo.

Learn how to use the demon flip (dp+k) effectively. Against characters with no good anti-air (twins, Chun) it can be very useful. It can be especially good if you have them in the corner since you can cancel it off all of his decent normals. Also, never ever EVER use far standing mk. Ken and Chun can punish it, even if they get hit while crouching. It is a bad move and you should just avoid using it against anyone.

Learn kara throwing, learn what pokes put you in range for it, it is very important to Akuma’s game. He has arguably the most useful kara-throw in the game. It has good range, but not as good as Elena/Chun, but unlike Chun-Li’s, you don’t have to be outside of a certain range to use it. Also, in the arcade version, f+mp is unthrowable, so if you mess up and they tried to throw/tech throw, they’ll just get hit.

Oh, and find the topic about ragin demon setups, very useful. Akuma is a much bigger threat when he has full meter since he can kill you for doing dumb things. And by dumb things, I mean stuff like jumping in, or trying to reversal after blocking a ground move.

What are some specifics about using it? Should I focus more on the grab, hand slam, dive kick? If I want a grab, I toss a fireball then go for it, usually it won’t get me into too much trouble.

demon flip -> dive kick is nice… but you have to switch it up too. Divekick -> fierce -> short demon flip -> dive kick is nice… but you cant grab with that (i’ll have to double check). In the corner you can use medium demon flip and grab should be possible.
You could always just use a knee into short demon flip. That should allow a grab. I sometimes use low short/low forward demon flip as well. Basically, switch up your game. If you guess your wrong, ggpo. If you demon flip/go for a grab, your opponent can walk to the other side and tear you up. if you demon flip and dive kick, the opponent can parry it and give you pain.

Alright, slightly more advanced/complex combos would be nice now, anything is welcomed.

well basic as people said is low forward, short roundhouse, hurricane… but its risky. Mix it up with fierce, short hurricane, etc.
you could also reset using fierce. Starter(low forward, fierce, strong, whatever), short hurricane, fierce cancel into short demon flip dive kick, low forward, short hurricane, uppercut (its iffy)

Bring the flash.

(corner only) j.hp, s.hp, lk tatsumaki, hp DP (1 hit) > SAI, as char falls hp DP (1 hit) > SAI, as char falls hp DP.

(mid screen) j.hp, s.hp, lk tatsumaki, s.lp, d 3x + 3P

Those two up there mainly for showing in off in casuals or in rare instances getting the upper hand in a match but either way they do okay damgage but not really worth the bar or the trouble since they’re kinda tricky to pull off

these right here are pretty good to use., lk tatsumaki, s.lp, SAI, lk tatsumaki, s.hp > SAII

short short super is always good

Hit char with late j.hp, > SGS

I would’nt do resets with jab to super. That’s just stupid. Maybe just for the fun of it but never besides that. Should i however want to reset with jab > something in a real match i’d do dx3+3p.

Also, it’s just “wrong” using other supers besides SA1. SA1 can do what the others can do plus more.

If you want to reset after the short tatsumaki’s do it with fp. From there you can do whatever you want.

Hm, are there any combos without lk tatsumaki because for crouching characters it’s no good.

crouching lk>hk tatsumaki

crouching mk>hp hadoken

jump in demon kick>lp shoryu>SA1