Alright… I mostly play T5… But a friend of mine got me started playing 3rd Strike… I like it pretty good, and I wanna get better… I dont know shit… So if anybody could gimme some of Ryu’s basics I would be very thankful… And PLEASE dont flame… No reason to be an ass… o.o:;

Well first off, you gotta not suck. I heard ur 3s skillz suck as bad as ur T5 skillz, so it may take awhile. First off you need to learn things like pressing the punch button and kick buttons at the right time learn to use a joystick. Things of that nature. Also grab a bit. lp + lk = Square + X. Im just messing ne who, yeah someone tell him the hit-confirms, cancels, chains, and strategys with Ryu he needs all the help he can get

Da Wasian = :lame:

Your such an ass… Lol… Anyways… What he said… Mostly… :confused:

You will find all the basic and advance stuff in here Ryu General Strategy / Combos / Matchups