Basket Ball Trick Buffers: rebounding the ball after it hits

anyone else do this with sean?

throw basket ball, wait till it hits/parried and the moment it hits the floor u hit the ball with a low forward to buffer a move into (tornado,roll,dash,axe kick)?

does anyone use the cr fierce to buffer a move into off a basket ball upclose?

i dont really play sean and i just wanna know if this has been stated before because i cant recall anyone mentioning using this technique off the basket ball.

if the opponent parries it, the ball comes more towards u and is more air born letting u hit with cr fierce into anything.

if they dont parry it falls mid range if u throw from far/ closer to them the closer u r.

its a quick mix up after the ball lands so its nothing special, but it does give him an “in” if the opponent blinked after a backward throw for wake up.

you know what EVERDRED i never thought about doing that. i might have to try that when i get a chance

yea i tested out low forward and cr fierce i havent used any other normals since those two r the good high low range for hitting the ball/and the ability to cancel off of.

for cr fierce it has the ability to hit the ball at his knee height and up. any lower i just try to nail it with low forward. the timings for the hits r pretty tight (ESPECIALLY low forward).

heres a set up i practiced on the computer…

back throw as far away as possible. recover and taunt. since u threw the ball from so far away the bounce back will reach the mid part of the screen (between sean and opponent) dash in once to catch up to the ball and tap cr fierce buffered into jab tackle to get in there face.

or if u dont wanna dash after the ball falling try walking forward and tagging the ball with low forward just before it hits the ground. this means sean’s foot literally has to be kicking the ball to get the hit. from there i do tornado or lk axe out of range as a whiff to out footsie them if they dashed in or responded to u crouching and doing something.

I have never thought of doing this, but it seems like either the axe kick or tornado would be the best options, for mixup purposes. Actually EX tornado might be a really good option. Actually, have you tried st. RH, after that, that is Sean’s best friend lol. I usually do an EX axe kick after back throw and the ball, which is pretty good because it combos if they try to do anything. If they don’t and just block, you can stay on them for pressure.

i love using the basketball to do mixups. its funny cuz if they try to do wakeup special move/supers, the ball stops 'em a lot of the time (except with moves with invincibility, like ken’s fierce uppercut, shinshoryuken;etc). like if ken does a wakeup jab SRK ,he just uppercuts the ball, but when he lands you can do a combo to punish the whiffed SRK. also, one time i was playin a remy player, and i threw the ball and he did wakeup flash kick super, he hit sean with the 1st set of hits, but the basketball interrupted the super, it hit remy before he could do the 2nd set of flash kicks…

what i like to do with the basketball it low roundhouse or forwardXXjab SRK if they parry it. but now, most people know not to parry it, so i do headbutt overhead, which is tight cuz it already does good damage and then you add on the 25% crouching damage bonus. do yall know if you can throw the ball, then do EX Sean tackle? you know, to confuse em with the parrying, so if they parry the ball high then they won’t be able to parry the tackle low.

also, can eric j or somebody else list sean’s most damaging combo that doesnt use a super? and the combo that does the most stun?
im not sure, but it looks like fierceXXfierce/EX uppercut is his most damaging.
also, close standing roundhouseXXEX hurricane looks like the combo with the most stun (and also could be his most damaging combo). can yall confirm this?

u cant do close roundhouse to hit the ball because from far range because your normals only target the opponent. crouching fierce and low forward i use cus u can throw them out from any range. if the ball is right infront of the opponent landing u can probably go for cl roundhouse but it’ll probably hit the opponent if its that close anyways (unless in corner).

I never thought of this, thats awesome. Thanks!

can somebody please post sean’s most damaging combo that uses either regular or EX moves(and also post how much damage it does), and his combo that does the most stun? thanks.