Bastion, an upcoming Action RPG title for XBLA and PC


Official site with info and trailers:

Out on XBLA July 20 (this coming Wednesday) and on PC later this year.

Trailers show promise, the narrator is baller, the visuals have a sorta Mana series quality to them; everything seems tight so far. Hoping it will be great. Thoughts? Talk? Bastion? BASTION!


New Bastion DLC in five days! Word up! Details in the link above.


It looks cool. I’m excited.


dang, just spent my ms points on mtg 2011

oh well


yes, getting this… pc or console?

this and gaurdian heros!!!


who else is getting this?


I want this game, but it needs to be ported to PS3.

EDIT: Actually, if it’s being ported to PC, then that’s fine with me.


I’m getting it. I’m not gonna wait for the PC version, Ive been lookin’ forward to this game.


I like the art direction!


my preference is pc, but its coming at a later date… i’ll pick it up mid week and try it out for an hr/two


Anyone play it yet? Still stuck at work.


Looking forward to this on PC.


I played for an hour or two today. Its pretty awsome. The narrator (Stranger) is pretty cool and the voice work is great. The game looks super pretty with its hand drawn goodness. It also has a great soundtrack. Its pretty easy though and I dont like that I cant revisit levels I have already passed. But after my short time with it I have decided it was 15 dollars well spent.


sweet i want this game to be good


AHH!! Thank you! This was the game I saw a couple months back and forgot the name of it. But I thought it was going to be on PS3 =(

My love-hate relationship with my 360 shall continue


game looks awesome. Gonna have to get it for the PC though.


This game is amazing. If you are on the fence just buy it. The game is incredibly deep. The combat is all skill based. There are tobe of different playstyles and they are all viable. Every weapon feels unique


Best arcade games in the marketplace at the moment… its so good


yeah i waitin to get paid to cop it so ill have it friday i think


What is the combat like? Are there combos or anything? If someone could give an over view of what combats like and the type of options you have that would be sweet.


Was using Machete and Bow, with Dancing Arrow, but I just got the Musket, which is basically a DOOM shotgun, which is awesome. I’m seriously debating rocking it and the Bow, using the Musket for close range, the Bow for long range, and Dancing Arrow as my schmup smart bomb.

I did the Bow and Machine Gun Training Grounds (SO MANY PROPER NOUNS SPECS) sans upgrading the weapons and got the best rewards, but cannot repeat the feat on the Machete one. The Shield challenge seems tough too; going through the whole thing without taking a hit is going to take me an evening of man-meditation to get the calm, steady left trigger tapping down.