Bat Stick + Drilled Crevice = Thumbstick?


Has any of my Ex-Pad players considered modding a bat stick to be used as a thumbstick? (On a Madcatz TE Fightstick)

Aside from a bit of drilling or filing or perhaps criss cross knife slits I wonder if a thin batstick and this mod would make a good thumbstick. (On a Madcatz TE Fightstick)

Im an Electronic Technician, and Its not above me to experiment with this but I only own a TE stick so Im going to brainstorm some ideas on how to make mine more sensitive and tight (no puns here) for faster and precise inputs, hopefully using my thumb. (On a Madcatz TE Fightstick)

Because philosophically, some people who’ve played both stick and pad say the thumbstick is really good for inputs but the arcade stick buttons are a supperior button layout. My goal is to combine those two into my personal stick. (On my Madcatz TE Fightstick)

On a side note, the art… I want SSF4 Gen’s (Crane) just his legs on the top of the plate, with hit confirms on all of the buttons and stick :cybot: (ON MY MADCATZ TE FIGHTSTICK)



Not a pad

A Madcatz TE Fightstick with a Batstick modded to be used as a thumbstick.

Edit: Sigh.


what’s a thumb stick?


I assume either a short stick with a flat top or a bat top with a hole in it for your thumb

Interstingly enough the reason people use sticks is because your entire hand is way more dexterous than just your thumb is so modding it for thumb use to improve dexterity would be an odd thought


Yes yes YES what he said.

Literally position your hand beside the batstick like you would use it normally, but use the crevice, or the flat top, or knife slits, or sanded down (any of this to grip) and use the stick as a thumbstick.

I feel that it would be comfortable after some adjustment, but im unsure if it would be better as bat or ball, and If the switches should be tightened up to the shaft for more sensitive inputs. (or perhaps a covering of the shaft where they meet the switches) (those are switching diodes right?)

I cant seem to get my brain to move my entire hand accordingly when facing from right to left, and yet totally in control left to right.

SO yea, its odd, but i think with this mod I could both use my hand and my thumb for either direction.


Also, to whomever is following my thoughts on this, is there a clean way to shrink the gate for less space to use, on both a square and a circle gate? maybe use resin…?

And is there a tool to widen the shaft where it meets the switches, for tighter inputs? maybe use a small rubberband?


Well, the entire left hand is sometimes over kill for certain games, and prohibits you from using the L1, L2, and D-Pad…but that’s on a regular game pad…

Many games play much better with normal controllers, like RPGs and what not, but I’m not sure what games would benefit from a arcade style button layout and a thumb stick…I think there might be some really old arcade games like that, but that’s it.


Use a balltop and just place your thumb on top of the ball with a semi-wineglass grip.


See the area for the thumb on this stick HERE.