Bat top adapter's


I recently ordered myself a bat top for my stick and it did not come with that adapter as it was mentioned to be included in the item’s description. I’ve already contacted the seller and waiting for a response.

But my main question, is this adapter a standard piece of hardware that i can find easily at a home depot or somewhere similar? I’m also having a hard time finding the size and general info on it.



My understanding is that it’s an M6 to M8 adapter. No idea if you’ll be able to find it in a local hardware store, but you can buy just the adapter from most arcade parts websites: Focus Attack, Gremlin, Akihabara…


Who/where are you buying it from. Most vendors I know usually include the adaptor.


Ordered it from Paradise arcade shop, along with a couple of other things.

I was just hoping for the possibility of being able to go out tomorrow to some hardware store to pick up the piece rather than waiting for them to send it or ordering it from elsewhere.


You can get in touch with them via their thread.


I’m about 99.99% sure you will not find something like that at a hardware store for one thing if you’re in the states the metric section is super limited. So I would not waste my time

I remember Paradise was having an issue a couple of weeks ago with one of the ladies that works there putting those adapters in every box that ordered a ball top even if they were not needed, so they probably ran out or over corrected the problem