Bat top for jlf thats larger than the sanwa one?

Title says it all. Got a bat top from lizard lick a while ago and when I got it I was a little disappointed at how small the thing was. Was hoping it was more “happ sized” I suppose.

Anyone know of any good bat tops available that would fit the jlf in a TE stick that’s maybe a little larger?

There are the Sanwa bat tops and the ToggleMe Bat Tops

The Toggleme tops are aluminum so they are heavier but they are about the same size. aprox 33 mm, slightly smaller that standard ball tops in diameter.

Biggest tops are the 45 mm ball tops, they also require a bat top adapter to use.

i don’t think focusattack carries them anymore and lizardlick has them on back order which probably means never. shame cause i really wanted to try one out

Paradise arcade shop sells the larger ball tops

is toggle me a member here? anyone have his info so i can order one up?

Its to my understanding he’s not going to be producing anymore :frowning: