Bat top on an Fighting stick EX2

I just got my EX2 :tup: and I was wondering if it was possible to put a bat top on it without doing that “Hellish” sanwa mod. Can it be done? I know Kaytrim might be able to do a custom one with the right threading but I was wondering if it was possible to do so without going the custom route. Has anyone successfully done this?

Better yet, can the ball top even be removed?


Its the same size as a sanwa I believe. The stock bat top and threaded adapter “should” fit…I’m about 95% sure of it.

Alright, awesome. Thanks guys.

You also need one of those small spring attachments to make the bat fit on the shaft properly. They’re really cheap though.

im doing the same thing, i already ordered a bat top for my t5 stick but i didn’t get the adapter, whats this about the bat top requiring a spring to fit on the shaft properly , what happens if it doesn’t, and is it the JLF spring or the JLW spring from lizardlicks.