Bat top stick with round feel for Madcatz SFIV SE

Can someone please point me to a good stick with a battop and round gate that will work in my SFIV SE? Even if it needs a little solder or adjusting, that’s fine.

I know I can buy a JLF and get a gate and a bat and a connector for $35-$40, but I’d rather just get a Happ or something similar if it’s not too much trouble to put into the stick.


Happ isn’t gonna fit without some major modification. Sorry!

JLF with a modded round gate (Sanwa doesn’t make a round gate but you can find them on the trading thread) or a JLW with a round gate will be what you’re looking at.

You may be able to get a seimitsu in there, but someone else could let you know which and how

Hmmm… Ok, then will these fit on the stock stick?

from Lizard lick

Sanwa LB-30-N Joystick Bat Top
Sanwa Joystick Adapter
Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate


You can also get the regular octogate and do the Ultimate JLF mod with the actuator. I did that and feels almost like a round gate with almost no slack.

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