Bat top vs ball top


Hey guys, sorry to post this in the UMVC 3 thread but I just need a few opinions from some of the advanced players in the forum regarding a fight stick. Yesterday I finally bought my first fight stick and Im dropping the 360 pad. Here it is:

Well Ive been in the training room for about 2 hours so far with the stick and Im having a small problem. My qcf inputs are only coming out like 30% of the time. Anyways I know I need to practice a bit more to get it down to a t but growing up I was used to MVC and MVC2 in the arcades with the bat top and the guy who I bought the stick from gave me a bat top for free with the stick. Anyways, my question is… What do you guys prefer as far as ball tops/bat tops? Does it make it easier as far as inputs with a bat top?

Also would like to know if you guys think I got a good deal on the stick. I bought it for $120 and the guy had it for less than a yr and only played with it like 6-7 times. Hope I didnt get ripped off :).

Once again sorry to post this here but I really want opinions from UMVC3 players being that this is the fighting game I mainly play.


I personally prefer battop as opposed to ball-top. Like you I also grew up with games having a bat-top stick and thats what I got used to. I can grip it better (giggity) and it feels more responsive to me.

But its mostly just preference. Why did you drop pad?


2 hours isn’t close to enough time to get used to anything. It just isn’t sensible to blame any issues on the stick when there is no way in heck that you are used to it yet.

You here most people claim it takes between one and two months to become “fluent” on a stick.

At that point, you can decide if you want different parts.


What flying said give it time…at least up to a month then you can decide if the bat top is better.


The 360 pad in my opinion is the worst pad to play fighting games. I went through 2 pads already because the joystick got loose and the other one the d-pad broke off. Also I’ve never been able to take my game to the next level because I feel the pad is kinda stopping my ability to pull off the harder combos (especially for Dante).

Even though I did reach 3rd lord with the pad, I want to start going to local tourneys and leveling up my game in that sense.

Btw i remember you lol you’re that guy with the mean haggar who talked shit to me a couple times :slight_smile: . No hard feelings over here homie. Your haggar is scary.


Bat top or ball top is ENTIRELY personal preference. Whichever you prefer is more than likely the one you’ll be best on.

Personally? I can’t stand bat tops.

Welcome to the stick camp though. I just got away from my X360 pad myself (even though I’m back on it for now while Hori fixes my stick). Guess I’m a hybrid player now since I’m fully competent using both, but there’s some stuff I just really don’t care to bother with without my stick =/


Just like you, I grew up with arcade machines using bat tops but when I bought my first fight stick I realized how good the ball top was.

At least for me, ball top made it a LOT easier to pull combos like Magneto’s ROM.

Almost everything that needs super jumps like Viper’s square jump, Magneto’s loops and even things like changing weapons with Amaterasu are easier. With a bat top, the motion has a somewhat longer distance, but ball top makes it faster and helps you achieve a cleaner execution.

However, that’s just my opinion.


Longer distance (“throw”) cannot be caused by the simple choice of topper on a stick. You’d have to modify the actual stick itself, and not just the top, to change the throw.

Granted, the way you hold the stick could make it feel that way.


I like ball tops. It’s probably because I personally prefer holding the ball top as if it were a glass of wine. I feel that I have better inputs that way. You should probably look up arcade stick guides on how to hold the stick and stuff like that. It took me at least two weeks to get used to using the arcade stick in SSF4 AE. It should probably take less for UMVC3 since that game is far less execution heavy (I have both), but a good way for me to practice was to not play the games so much and just practice holding the arcade stick in front of my computer at a desk.

I’d watch YouTube vids and constantly practice doing quarter circle, double quarter circle, and shoryuken motions while I was watching the vids. You want to hear every single click each time you do each motion. If it’s a quarter circle, you should hear one click for going down, another for diagonal down, another for whichever direction the quarter circle motion is in, and one final click for the stick returning to neutral position. Start slow, to get each click out of the stick, and then continually raise the speed until the motion is second nature, almost like pressing a button. The same goes for shoryuken motions too. Doing this helped me clean up my inputs a lot. I got the idea from my freshman year when I used to practice drum line stuff on a drum pad while watching YouTube videos. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still having problems with qcf inputs :frowning: idk why I can’t seem to grip the ball top in a comfortable position


I was big MvC1/MvC2 player and I played on the Happ Sticks. After a 5 year-hiatus from fighters, I bought a TE just like the one you have, with the ball top and clicky inputs. I put hours upon hours of time on this stick and…I hate them.

Just like you, I have a lot of issues doing QCF motions on it. I swaped the ball for a bat, which helped a little, but the stick is still to low for my liking and the hate the click inputs.

These new sticks are my biggest barrier to rejoining the fighting game scene. It’s already hard enough getting used to sitting down when playing fighters.



I use a ball top but I hold it like a bat top. It’s super personal preference.


+1 to what FlyingVe said.

Give yourself some time to get used to using a stick before deciding bat vs ball-top. I will say this tho, I picked up my TE last year and growing up playing fighting games in American arcades, I already had the bat-top and octo gate ready to drop in. I actually ended up switching back to the ball-top and square gate because I felt I was getting more consistency out of it.


For future reference all controller related questions should be asked in Techtalk.

And it’ll take awhile to adjust to stick if you’re not used to it, as well as adjusting to a Sanwa/square gate/ball top if you’re used to U.S arcades and their Happ sticks. Just keep practicing.

And i’m all for balltop for a great variety of reasons…including Science! lol.


QCF inputs are EZ on a ball top u just need to get a grip,
I used to use the wineglass grip (stick between middle and ring finger) and i switched to the daigo grip (stick between ring and pinky finger) because i played better on it. u gotta get a grip that u are good with both p1 and p2 sides.
also do not ride the gate of the TE stick when you do QCF inputs, it has to be fluid, a nice curve motion, nothing more nothing less.

whenever you have problems with a move u should practice it in training mode
pick magneto, do 30 disruptors on p1 side and 30 disruptors on p2 side. if u mess up on either side, START OVER.

a lot of ppl use ball top and have no problem, u should just think to yourself if they can do it, you can do it too. once you master ball top you can play an anyones ball top stick and any japanese cab.


Real talk, we need arcade sticks with adjustable telescoping legs built into the bottom panel.


I grew up using bat tops in the arcade, so I feel MUCH more comfortable with that.

I was having problems with various different inputs until I got the bat top, then it was instantly near perfect.


Tech Talk has you covered. I’ve seen multiple examples of people who have installed arcade parts into cheap fold-up coffee tables. If you’ve got the tools and aren’t a complete retard it’s a very easy project. It’s also worth noting that the rubber feet on TE sticks can be removed so that with some planning (see also: measuring carefully) the stick can be screwed down to a surface. Additionally there where some guys who where making (not sure if still making) TE stick stands. What I’m basically getting at is that there are a lot of options out there for those who are interested.


Yeah it woud be nice to have a sturdy stick stand. Do you all know of any threads to where I could see these stands?

And voila.