Bat top vs Balltop

Why should I choose for my aracde stick?

Use whatever feels more comfortable to you.

And this question is more suited to the Absolute Questions thread (Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!))

As a bat top user, go ball if you had a choice. It seems like were the left handers of this crowd.

Batman top

banana top

Any blue sanwa ball top to recommend?

Vermillion is the “best” blue Ball top

cat top superior

Awaiting new thread: “Which vermillion Sanwa balltop should I buy?”

I find balltop feels more natural, might just be from all the years at the arcade.

The Blue Seimitsu Ball top with a Gaming Groove gear Clear as a 2nd choice

mesh… always mesh

There is no such thing as good blue balls.

I prefer bat tops because I have big hands, but a balltop on a longer shaft is just as good.

Fuck you guys, who is going to make the first vibrating dildo top??

I nominate gummo

I prefer balltop, but if I go bat top, I only roll injustice bat top. Sits lower and almost simulates the happ sticks when they are mounted with the smaller metal collar peice + you don’t need the special converter thread.

I just got a couple Sanwa bats for my JLF. I prefer the general feel of them in my hand, seems to be more suited for my hands/grip/whatever. I think if I got a slightly thinner one like some community members have made in the past, or possibly one of those Injustice ones (thanks for the info, sethian0!), I would be in heaven.

That being said, if you’re on the fence or don’t have a real preference, stick with balltops. There are way more options to choose from, and obvious benefits to not feeling out of place on more standard setups.

The slim ones are probably dragon tops. I emailed the guy the other day and he said something about having them still, then didn’t reply after that. He used to sell them on ebay. You may be able to find some on SRK somewhere. For the injustice tops, you have a few options:

1.) buy one from srk member
2.) buy the injustice stick and take it off
3.) call PDP and offer to buy one because of whatever reason you want, and they will usually just send you one.

I prefer Battop on sticks. Mainly because I grew up playing Mortal Kombat at arcades in Chicago and that’s what I know. I also like the solid feel of the stick as opposed to the focused top heavy part of the ball top.

Overall tho Pad is better for most fighters for me. Only use stick to play SF3 because I grew up playing 3rd Strike at arcades.