Bat top won't stay screwed on my JLF

I purchased a Sanwa Bat top and an adaptor for my JLF.

Unfortunately, the bat top doesn’t stay screwed on.

I know how to replace ball tops and screw them in securely but the bat top keeps coming loose.

I have tried any combination of these different ways to screw on the bat top:
[]Screwed on the adapter first, tightened it and then tightened on the bat top
]Tightened the bat top on the JLF with the adapter inside of it
[]Installed the bat top without the JLF shaft cover
]Installed the bat top with the JLF shaft cover
None of these combinations have worked for the bat top however, ball tops are secured just fine.
Any help would be appreciated,
Thank You

get some of the lighter strength lock-tight I believe they 3 different strengths. You will still be able to remove the bat top without an issue

I had this problem too.

I solved it by going back to ball top :wink:

Thanks for the advice I’ll definitely try it out

get a Taeyoung or Myoungshin (Korean) fanta battop and use that on your jlf. Those bat tops are compatible. Im using one on my main stick right now and its awesome.

If you’re putting the bat-top with your shaft cover on it, it will do that unelss you mod your shaft cover. I normally just tighten it down really hard or use glue.

Wait what?

I didn’t know that.
Must try that tomorrow.

Just screw the adaptor down real tight. This same thing used to happen to a customers stick until I just applied a bit more elbow grease.