Batch of questions and stuff


Hello there. So, I’ve played fighting games on and off since probably 1998. Never been a tourney player, likely never will be, but still. I’d like to be a bit more passable than I am at the moment, since I’m kinda bloody awful. Before I get to the questions I have, I figure it’s worth mentioning that I’m currently playing Ult Marvel vs Capcom 3, Tekken 6 and Skullgirls … I fiddle with MUGEN some too … not sure if the UFC games count since the mechanics and style are so far off a regular fighting game.

-I do find myself going on these stretches where I’ve tried a couple of weird techniques to get better … watching only my character, watching only the opposing character, trying to win fights using only one or two strikes/techniques, trying to intercept/counter everything … probably silly but, I do try. Call it ADD but I never stick with it. Should I? Can I learn or develop in any way playing like that?

-Me being an introvert/loner/whatever, I play alone alot, which means playing against the AI. Once I get around/past medium difficulties though, I usually get my ass kicked. Is this something I should really be worried about? Is it a mark against me as a player? Or can you not really be truly good unless you can deal with the AI, even at the highest difficulty?

-Sometimes, I find myself just walking face first into everything the opposition does. Not trying to, just, I can’t get anything opened up and get offense going, because I just get cut off at every instance. What is causing that? Bad job reading oppositions movements/offence/defense? Poor timing?

-Kinda similar to above … what do you do when your opponent is on a total roll, blasting away, negating your defense, juggling you? I don’t mean in general, I mean in that moment. Basically, how do you get out of a bad situation, maybe not to go back on offense, but at least get back to neutral.

-The timing. This drives me nuts. There’s alot of things in fighting games that revolve around timing, sometimes weird/precise timing that my mind/hands just refuse to wrap themselves around. The kind of timing for high end combos, specific movement/footwork, landing precise counters … is that a gift, or is it truly possible for anyone? I ask because sometimes I see basic combos in tutorials/etc that I absolutely cannot pull off (which usually leads to a thrown/broken controller).

-Again with the ADD … I tend to jump between characters alot, simply to try all the different styles and moves and see what clicks and attracts me. Is this a bad thing? How important is totally mastering a main?

Apologies for any headaches caused if these questions are stupid, but these are the things I worry about most …



Thank you for answering my questions. I feel like I have other things I should be asking, but, not sure. Either way, thank you.


Sounds like what you’re doing… is what I used to do…
I’d lose because I’d be so focused on doing what I want to do, I’d just… walk into everything. Patience is absolutely vital.
It’s hard to overcome… But what I found helped me a lot (and as a loner myself, I played CPU a lot), try to make games of winning… e.g. instead of just winning, try to win with only counter attacks, or only time outs… Things that make you learn to play more patiently. It sorta forces you to do that… And then, after 3-4 matches, I’d get bored and just work on combos instead. But do try a few rounds like that every once in a while. As said though, fighting the cpu isn’t great… I personally, think that fighting it gets you in the habit of making poor decisions when fighting a real person.