Baten Kaitos Origin questions

to those of you who ever played,
I’m about 12 hours in the game, and I’ve no idea where to ask.
anyway, I think I kinda got how to battle system works, only two things I can’t getץ
My MP meter is only at level 2, and it sucks because I can only do level 2 special attacks, how do I increase it? is it plot related?[I’m currently at Sheliak for the first time]
Second Question is why is my deck limit is only 30? It’s lame, how do I increase it? is it plot related as well?
btw I hope to thread location is good because there isn’t really a Gaming category .

Focus on doing card combos, equip weapon then add numbered attack cards (R/0 then add 1/2/3). You don’t always have to finish with special attacks because you can save the built up meter for the whoever attacks next. If you aren’t doing enough consistent combos go to the shop and buy more attack cards and rearrange your deck.

It gets upgraded later on, if you have anymore questions post’em over here. To be honest I haven’t played the game in years so don’t be surprised if I’m a little off.

Just try to save and then restart the game.

First, save your documents, then reset your game or pc.
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