Batgirl is the 2nd dlc character



Wasn’t there a rumour going around that Starfire was also said to be dlc?


Does anyone like Batgirl aside from the sex appeal?


I wish, but never heard of it

She is really cool, I like her martial arts and her story in dc. I think she is really interesting.


But theh should’ve made her look a little bit prettier, for god sakes NRS what’s wrong with you? How do you make Sonya Blade and Katana look so beautiful and then some lhe girls here just aren’t all that and are weird looking?


Probably different character artist’s discrepancies.


I would have preferred Batwoman… for obvious reasons…


So apparently she was broken in testing and was held back to be the 2nd dlc char instead of the first to fix her.


New Batgirl gameplay! I must say that she looks very fun to play!


Best part was the killing Joke costume for Joker. The rest was meh.


My overall response to Batgirl being DLC was meh, not butt hurt like most everyone else. And after seeing this she looks like she could be alotta fun to play. Did I see her do a SRK? She’s like Batman but more agile and mobile it seems and tons of mix-up. The one move she did reminds of the old annoying “HAAAAAAAAA!” special move of Whip’s from KOF99.


Looks like that tip about her being moved to after Lobo for balancing might be legit after all. Her moveset looks like it could easily be broken if not tuned right.


she can grapple through space! lol haha


liked the joker costume aswell, i hope it’s no more batman inspired char the other 2


Cassandra Cain would’ve been more visually interesting at least. Shoutouts to Bat Woman.


Because DC hates Stephanie Brown.


Give me Powergirl already. :confused:


Ugh… I love the roster for this game but we have enough of the Bat family.

I’d like to see:
Dr. Fate
Atrocious (or any of the other coloured lanterns)
Animal Man
Booster Gold
Any of the New Gods (Orion, Metron, Big Barda)
Martian Manhunter

DC has a lot of super cool characters… hopefully there will be a second set of DLC.


A good chunk of the characters in this game are there for promotion purposes. So I assume Batgirl is there because Warner Bros. are planning to do something with the character in the near future.

I’m surprised they haven’t whored out completely and haven’t added Rorschach because you know they want to do a Watchmen Prequel.


Ed Boon said that Martian Manhunter wouldn’t be in any polls or anything of the sorts for DLC characters cause everyone would vote for him.