Batman Arkam Asylum Demo is up

Batman A A demo is up i am downloading it now first time my ps3 is dowloading slow so i am asuming alot of people are dowloading it right now what are are your thoughts about it are gonna get it when it comes out later this month?

Definite buy for me!! I am a batgeek after all…

It’s just so fun! Granted at first you have to get used to the fighting but once you figure it out, it is a blast! The thing I liked most about it though, was the stealth. Think MGS but with Batman instead of Snake, seriously… Obviously nowhere near as perfect or as beautiful as MGS but the feeling of stealth is there and you can almost feel the fear in your enemies. At the very end, you walk into a room with six guys on patrol, all armed and dangerous. And bullets do kill you quickly in this game. So in order to clear this room, you have to use your surroundings and smarts to strike the guards down one by one. I’ll briefly describe how I did it to give an idea… I sneaked in there through a vent, as soon as I crawled out I took out guard one with the sneak attack from behind. I then immediately grappled to a nearby gargoyle statue on the roof. Waited for guard two to resume his patrol, glided down quietly, same thing. Two down, back to the roofs. The others still had no idea Bats was in there. For guard three, I waited till he was directly underneath me, hung upside down like a bat and swooped over him for a quick KO to leave him hanging from the roof. Now the rest of the dudes started to get nervous, you could actually see their heart rates and what their vitals were with your detective vision on. They started running around frantically, all scared and delirious, sort of like the scene in Batman Begins. And it was just like this until you cleared the room. But the attention to detail is amazing! See as the number of guards decreases, so does the fear they feel. By the time there is only one guard left, the dude is TERRIFIED! He has no idea how the hell his buddies got put down because he never saw Batman taking them out. All he sees is the bodies. And also things start to happen. The dude is so scared that the environment actually starts messing with him! Gas tanks begin to let off steam, metal starts clinging, all these little things surprise him so he turns around frantic and shoots in their direction! This actually makes it harder to sneak up on him. While all this is happening they are talking to each other, saying things like where is he?! omg!! where are you?! and Joker is screaming over a megaphone for them to toughen up, until at one point he just says screw it… Kill them hahaha!!

I loved, cant wait!! I just hope it doesn’t get repetitive but so far so good.

I been waiting for this demo and this game!, i want to know if is good enough to buy it or not.

I say buy it if you’re into Batman bro. I see no reason for disappointment. Like I said, the only thing that might damage it is repetitiveness. Like for example, let’s say right before every boss, there’s always a room with six guys for you to clear out, end level. Then start level, progress, clear out room, another boss, end level. Repeat, ect… That could suck. But I don’t think there are levels like all these other comic based games I’ve played lately (Wolverine) It seems like an open world where you should be able to backtrack and move forward however you see fit at some point in time. We shall see… I have high hopes though. I’m really anticipating this title.

I played it and i really liked it. I had big expectations from the game and the game looks very solid. A definite purchase for me as well

this is definitely the best batman game since that SNES one that was based off the cartoon. I’m so pumped for this.

Also. Mark Hamill is the best voice for the joker. Ever.

I D/L it, but have yet to play it. Is Kevin Conroy voicing Batman?

I think its all the same voice actors from the TV show.

yes it is Kevin Conroy ( the voice from the ANIMATED series)

it was a nice demo.
liked the stealthy part of it.

The demo was cool. I liked it. Not sure if I’d buy it, but it’s rental worthy.

just downloaded the demo, and that game is hot, im going to buy it, best batman game since Batman the animated series for Snes.

Yeah, I just downloaded it today and played it. At first I was like “ehh!” Then I hung a dude from the gargoyle statue. After that I was sold!

Great demo

Nah, it’s not, no Bob Hastings as Commissioner Gordon for starters.

I would also like for the final version to be more brutal. The dynamic scenes would be so much better if the made it this way.

the repetitiveness huh?, the same repetitiveness as Assassin’s Creed does? lol, i’m just asking because i don’t want to buy a repetetive and boring game.

Well, i think i have to download this demo and see it by myself.

This game seems pretty cool. Thought the demo was going to be the short ones they have at stores but this was much better.

Anyways I liked the whole stealth thing going on in this game. If you fuck up then you get fucked up lol. I tried to rush in when i first played and was shot up and killed easily lol :looney:

well… i love it. best demo ive played since Parappa the Rappa.

I hate BatMan.

But I’m buying this fucking game.