Batman Arkham Asylum... graphic issue (PC version)


is that the best this engine can do with this game? (i’m on a laptop with a 9600gt 512ddr3) (the graphic in game is a little better than this pic anyway)

on the game graphic options i turn everything in on/max despite the filtres, and on the nvidia panel :

antialias gamma correction ON
antialiasing trasparency SUPER
triple buffer ON
optimizing sample OFF
triple optimizing OFF
enviromental oclusion ON
thread optimizing ON
phisix ON

(or something like this…i have the nvidia panel in italian so it dont know the english terms for those options)

New driver

should i turn on the filtres? now the game runs pretty smooth.


What resolution are you trying to run the game at? Even on max settings, a game won’t look near as good if the resolution isn’t the highest it can go.

On top of that, correct me if i’m wrong, but the 9600gt isn’t a terribly powerful card, so I wouldn’t expect amazement from it.


Seconded, you want at least a 9800gtx+ this generation, and if you have the cash think about the 2xx series. Though to be honest my 8600gtx+ did pretty well till I blew a frickin capacitor. I’ll try to post a screen when I pick my copy up on friday.

Ninja Edit: Just noticed you are on a laptop so nevermind on the card suggestions.


the res is 1280 800 , i could ve tried with my lcd monitor (1440*…) but i’m not in the mood to switch cables xD
maybe the gpu (9600gt M ) is not top level but to me it’s pretty good and it supports all the effects that is required by this game… should i try to link the 19" lcd? will be better?


I fail to see where these graphics are bad…

There are some jaggies, but what is your anti aliasing set to in-game?


no AA :slight_smile:
if i want a smooth i can’t turn on AA with that resolution