Batman: Arkham City thread

Thanks to Mr. Bastos and BIGWORM for linking to the teaser :tup:

Batman: Arkham Asylum Sequel Video Game, Spike VGA 09: Exclusive Debut Trailer HD | Game Trailers & Videos |

Here’s hoping it’s Gotham that’s been turned into an ‘asylum’ ^_^;
I was kind of hoping it would’ve been 2-Face or Black Mask, but either way if the game’s gonna be as good as the first, then heck yeah.

EDIT: Thanks to Psycho Squall for linking to this artwork-

I like the idea of the city being the “asylum”…maybe that’s what the scene with the thugs is implying. And what’s up with Joker? Is he sick, or is he just recovering from the thrashing he got?

Both I guess, that overdose he got in the first game must’ve affected him real bad.
TBH I would’ve liked it if 2-Face or Black Mask were the main villain, but what the hey, so long as the gameplay is good and character portrayal is done right (not like Szaz in the first game), then this game will rock.
Also more playable characters plz (2 at least).

Let’s not spoil the end of the first game quite yet, please, since there are still lots of people who don’t have it. :smile:

But yeah, given that this is a Square Enix property now, I expect there will be plenty of sequels. One thing’s for sure: Mark Hamill was a liar for saying that Arkham Asylum would be the last time he would ever do the Joker voice. :lol:

Money talks. Or maybe he just enjoys the role too much (or he’s been typecast).

I just don’t find harley quinn all that hot in that game…is it me?

Yeah, you’re probably gay. :razz:

Maybe it’s just the outfit. The skin-tight suit is better.

Really looking forward to this. But my only gripe with the first game was that no other villain aside from Joker and his crew got much attention (except maybe Ivy), but I guess it’s understandable since the story only really called for Joker anyway.

All I’m saying is that it’d be cool to see other villains take on more major roles this time around. Let’s see some Riddler and Two Face messing with people’s shit.

Some interesting observations I’ve read regarding the trailer-

Awesome, cant wait, I hope its as good if not better then the first one was, I really enjoyed playing that and I am not even a big Batman fan.

Batman. Always has been one of my favs. Still looks good.

Hype hype hype!! Better be a PC version too. :smokin:

Awesome man… Hopefully this game is even more epic than the first. I was wondering if they’d have something about Gotham since AA was just about the island.

Shit looks amazing. I hope Joker isn’t about to croak.

Can’t wait to see the new villains that will appear in the game.

I hope they don’t rush it.

And that if there is some co-op mode, that the 2nd player isn’t forced to be Robin.

Also I still need to get AA.

There can be some real effed up scenes with Black Mask if he was in it. I’m sure the music will be just as good as it was in the first game… can’t wait for this.

Yeah I saw it last night at the VGA. Can’t wait hope there will be a boss battle with Great White Shark and Black Mask.

Hmm IIRC Freeze and Clayface weren’t used in the first game, so those 2 can be used here.

I can’t wait!

PhysX implementation for the previous game is amazing. I seriously recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it (ask any of your friends that have an nvidia card).

I hope more games utilize PhysX like that, instead of just tearable cloth like Mirror’s Edge.