Batman avatar request

Hey, everyone.

I would appreciate anyone who could put together a Batman avatar. From the Dark Knight, all tough and shit. My name doesn’t have to be in it. Either a regular pic or one of those moving images would be fine.


ok, just a dark knight themed avatar right? ill see what I can come up with

Thanks a lot. Can’t wait to see how it comes out.

this is actually pretty harder, I just went through the movie, they have alot of dark scenes and when converted they dont look right, I came up with something like this,

and heres one with your name

if u just want a graphics still image ill work on one later. these are just quickies. put together fairly fast… since the pesky 19.5kb limit it really restricts alot. and colors.

Any still avatars with more quality?

I don’t really care if it’s moving or straight from the movie.


I have been sporting this batman av since 2005. Just search for batman sprites and I am sure you will find something.

Something quick & simple…

Thanks, Kid Zero, this is what I need.

And thank you too, Xplicit 91.

Im looking for a Dark Knight batman avatar, can someone whip me one up premo style?

You’re welcome. :smile:

Ack, the file is slightly too large. It needs to be 19.5 and it’s around 20 right now.

What do I do to fix?

i took KidZero’s work and played around with the lossy option:

these should work. of course, all the credit goes to him. :tup:

How’s this?

My bad. I thought the max file size was 21kb.

Thanks str[e]ak. :tup:

Thanks to everyone for all their help.