Batman (Detail)

Detail of a Batman picture I’m doing. I used photoshop to erase the sketches of the background, and the legs got cut off because I couldn’t fit ol’ Bats into the scanner. But anyways, let me know what you think.


dude, that picture kicks ass! i cant ink for my life, so i really appreciate the pic. what you can do to make sure that the darkness of the inks are consistent is use the curve function under adjustments. or if youre lazy, you can just use autolevels or something then clean the picture.

Prep Time genious batman is.

This picture is very well done!! Great Job!!

Alright! Na-na-na-na-na BATMAN

Batman already ownz all of DC and most of Marvel anywayz, and this pic is the shit. Very well drawn, its hard to find anything wrong with it unless you wanna nit-pic. Nice inking skills, great pose, very accurate. This is probably some of the best Batman fan art I’ve seen in awhile.

omg thats is one great piece of artwork! much props to you on that one!

BAM POP BOOM CRACK. Nice batman and inking skill hanzel. looks good.

Holy steroid abuse Batman! Someone’s been workin’ out. But great drawing. Excellent contrasts. Only real comment is what someone else said… just need to touch up the drawing a bit so the black & whites are more consistant. Top notch otherwise!