Batman in Shanghai


A pretty cool animated short



thanks for sharing this i hope this becomes a series


Saved to hard drive.


Just had to double check, but it is the same studio, Wolf Smoke, that did the Kung Fu Cooking short. I really like their style.

might include a slight nip slip so beware




is that Joker at at 3:01?

also giving batman powers?..dey dun fucked up…


lol wtf, i posted this shit like two lounges ago.


Yea this shit is pretty dope but no, I hope this doesn’t become a series, we already have beware the batman and quite frankly we’ve had a batman series on air(or batman in an animated series) since like 1991. I do hope this studio is given some bigger jobs down the line by DC, can’t think of any character that would fit their style off the top but Im sure they exist.


lol…always think of this as dick graysons chinese adventures.


Looks like it was heavily borrowed from Karas.