Batman/Superman movie announced for 2016


I dunno about y’all but I’m hyped for this!



The movie seems destined to fail with the terrible man of steel acting as a base for this movie.


Until the first casting, 99% of the thread will be arguments on Man of Steel.


Hope Tyler Perry plays as Superman and Batman.


All they had to do is create a decent logo to get me hyped but they failed at that.


I doubt that will be the official logo more like a rough draft.

But something like this logo would have been way better.


That logo sucks. It looks like it’s trying to do the Bat Dance.


That Batman logo in the screen caption looks ugly as fuck.


The movie I Am Legend had a logo similiar to it.



Some of you will hate me saying this, but this logo needs to be Nolanized. This logo would look cool if it were completely made of shattered glass, maybe even green tinted glass.


Super Troll turnin into a broke ass record.


Truthers gonna truth yo.


I guess if being this butt hurt over a summer movie make you a “truther” then truth on…or whatever.


Fixed for clearity.


In the comic books, did Batman and Superman ever hook up?
Because I have trouble believing they’d work together because their “skills” compliment each other. Batman doesn’t even have powers, what could he possibly bring to to the table other than a firm ass and some ten thousand dollar carbon fiber composite cock rings?
Its hard to tell which logo is more accurate, the one with the Bat inside the S implies batman being inside superman, which I don’t think would the case, but it could also suggest Superman on top of Batman. And vice versa, of course.


DC been well on their way to ruining Superman long before Zacks silly summer movie came out.


“Bruce, I heard about this movie you and I are supposed to star in…”



But yeah, not really coming in to this with high expectations.


Guaranteed that their team super is going to be broken as fuck. Prep time x Laser eyes plus DHC into ice breath yeah fuck that your already outwitted and outmatched.