Batman Vs Yugi: Who wins when a mod abuses his powers to make a thread to answer this?


So i’m not dealing with this bullshit but Yugi cannot beat Batman with full preptime. Weevil punked his ass in the cruise ship and threw his deck in the ocean. I don’t know what type of bufonery allows a person to think that Yugi gets enough time to 1) hit puberty max mode, 2) convince batman to play a game, and )3 not die in the prices of 1 and 2.




Magical garbage beats a rich dude with toys.

Atem sucks though, don’t get it twisted. Stacking bastard. >_>


Batman can’t beat Yugi when Yugi can just topdeck whatever he needs to win.

EZPZ /thread


Where the highschool girls at?


Although there no VS threads.


If I could edit poll options, I’d make a giant VS thread with weekly match ups and leave it as that.

There might be a way to do it but somebody else can organize all that nonsense.


Yugi gets Dark Magician and then pulls some out ridiculous Hail Mary win.


Who is Buttman? I know who Yogi is.


Yugi would just draw this, play it, then attack directly for game… All turn one


lol yugi straight up cheats…its been shown before. He straight up cheats and sends kids to fucking hell for like beating up a nerd or being mean to a girl. lmfao that dude is a straight up psychopath


Not even a warm up.


Can we get a REAL vs thread now? Then again at least this matchup I’ll entertain more than watching another deathbattle.


Especially this next one.


Blue eyes white privilege>>>>>all


What do you mean by real? Shoot me a proposal.

Live footage of Yugi getting dunked on by random ass people:


I voted, can I have my tax return now.


Yugi is a fucking punk who can’t duel his way out of a wet paper bag.

Yugi forget this kids card game Yugioh and play a Real mans Card Game, Magic the Gathering.


Nothing beats thrax dude srry


Preptime Batman can’t stop Goku