Batman with some Super-Robot guy WTF is this? Oh LAWD HAMMERCEEE


Sometimes, it’s just damned ridiculous.

What the hell is that? :rofl: Look at Superman!:rofl: nice Av btw. [offtopic]Did you get the PM you requested?

Thats Superman? Looks like Gray Fox/Cyborg Ninja.

“That’s it Batman! Hurt me more!!!” :rofl:

What the hell is Superman doing with Deadshot’s head-guard?
…and why’s there Kryptonite shining from his fist?!

WTF is going on here…

I hate threads that don’t explain what they are in the thread title and force everyone to read them, so edited the thread title. Didn’t know what to call it really though, seriously WTF is that? Looks like a reject from the DC/Marvel Amalgam event. :rofl:

Maybe he’s trying to handicap himself?

“Mmm this handful of kryptonite feels… goooood… and this helmet has great visibility guys!”

I wonder if this in anyway a retaliation to Marvel retconning Spiderman’s past?

Its supposed to be his new kryptonite suit. He wears it in the first few panels to protect himself against metallo. I saw a preview of it on newsarama.

Yea, my fault Sano. I was half awake when I posted it. Someone dipped on Konami’s Juice on that one. If that ain’t Gray Fox’s helmet, then I dont know what is. Hell, it wouldnt have been so bad if the damn light/circle in the center wasn’t replaced with a superman logo that LIGHTS UP.


wins thread. :rofl:

Isn’t that Eradicator?

It’s supes.

Nope, never got a PM.

PM sent…

Anyway I want to buy that issue. The story has my interest.