Baton Rouge, LA - Gameware Monthly 2 - 3rd Strike - July 18, 2008

Thanks everyone for coming out. I had a great time. I hope you all enjoyed it too. Even had a few Smashers ask to play. Hopefully we’ll get some of them to expand and play some 3rd Strike next time.

1: Dakota
2: Ravenous Mutt
3: SimDaddyGT
4: Hajuken
5: BravoNavo
5: Duck King
7: Testament
7: Goorguy
9: CodexArcanum
9: Poky
11: Sack Lunch

Sorry I didn’t get to advertising in the forums. I’ll put up the details for next month’s tourney two weeks beforehand. It will most likely take place on the 15th or the 22nd of August. Same location.