Baton Rouge, La. MVC2 Results 6/28

Here are the results from Cortana Mall in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

1st. Duane McCorkle (Marvel_ous One) Team Combofiend (Mag/IM/Sentinel)
2nd. Chris Creecy (Magneto_X) MSP, Sent/Storm/Cap
3rd. Patrick Henry(vegita-x) Rogue/Storm/Tbonne, Rogue/Magneto/Doom
4th. Demetrius Joubert (Hajime Saitou) Strider/Doom/Cap
5th. Irvin Jones (Kingofkod) (Sentinel/Cable/Cyc), Magneto/Cable/Sentinel
5th. Charles Nalls (Cable_Guy) Team Row and Team Scrub (Sent/Cable/Cap)

Yeah yeah nice tourny see you all at EVO2k3.

I hate all of you sentinel Scrubs:mad: :mad:

Damn rogue only pullin 3rd now eh?

Good shit D.:lol: :lol:

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:



how did team combofiend win?!?! Musta been the player not the team. i hate that team. though mixup seems to think its da truth.

nice av mix, seems like i’ve seen something like that before though…if i could only remember where:)

Fear Ironman :evil: .

yeah whatever I bet you I make it futher then you at EVO2k3 this year. Say mike are you going to Southeast championship?


mike posting,

Sup pat, i doubt you would have gotten 4th at ecc, you should have went so i could’ve taken your money.

We shoulda made that bet damn:mad: :stuck_out_tongue:

pfft dont bother taking his money…he dosent put out much…believe me i know haha…

I heard you want to play me at EVO2k3 for $70 is that true? If so then same thing like last time 4 out of 7 but lets play on dreamcast, that way I know my moves going to come out. I should have had you at TS3 but I didn’t like those sticks out there but good game anyway. And I know you are probablly pretty sure that your going to beat me but let not get ahead of yourself. Once I take care of sentinel then its pretty easy form there.

P.S I can’t stand sentinel I rather play cable anyday.


Pat u scrub:lol:

Sentinaaall! ownz u

i’m feeling u on that one Pat… and fuck assist to that hoe that keep u back!!:mad:


No sentinel do not own me I just can’t stand him that’s all. He is the cheapest on the game. Before the unblockable he was equal to cable but now he as surpass him. Sentinel and Cable= Lame and cheap.


dreamcast? you can’t be serious…everybody knows i aint no console warrior so no i won’t play on DC for money. only in the arcade ill play for money. so if you can’t play on arcade sticks i geuss this is not gonna happen. i understand…and yes im fucking positive i know i will win again simply because you still pick storm/rogue/tron. when you start picking a real team then i might show a intrest of concern…

Damn…Can I get the same bet you offer Desmond…$70 4 outta 7…I’ll be at EVO…so we can do it then.

If the sticks are working 100% then I will play you. O yeah I not really concern about playing you I just want your money. After TS3 I know I can beat you but hey we will just have to wait until then. And as for anyone else who want to put some money on us then go right ahead.



good job to all that placed…see you at regionals.

Pat vs X should be something to watch,lolz… You better do better then before!!!

sombody need to tape this supposed match, with comintary too >=) wasup desmondo?

whatever…so its set…at evo…4 out of 7 for 70 bucks in the arcade…i hope you have a real team this time…