Baton Rouge Monthlies 1.2 Results (from 12-18-11)

A very belated thank you to everyone that came out to the last monthly. Thanks to Andy for hosting us at Little Wars again and Logan (ItsJustLogan) for running the brackets and letting me enjoy my birthday by socializing and downing that Hypnotiq and icecream cake with my GOL BK crown and paying my marvel/2012 entry fees. Gameware Monthly 5.1 (just in case you’re wondering about the notation, 5th year running, January Monthly is the meaning!) will be returning on January 20th! There will not be a BR Monthly @ Little Wars this month, but will be happening in February. Two tournaments a month for February, yes please! The date for the next BR Monthly @ Little wars is still up in the air, but I’m looking at the 1st Sunday of the Month. I’ll have confirmation with the next tournament thread for it. Keep an eye open for it.

Baton Rouge Monthlies 1.2 Results (from 12-18-11)

SSF4:2012: (15)
1st Toi
2nd infrared
3rd ModeType_Beast

UMvC3: (21)
1st Trumpet
2nd Chris T
3rd MorriMike

21st GOLTOI504
(top 3 all from Tiger Uppercut @ LSU, whats up!)

KoF: (8)
1st Trumpet
2nd ModeType_Beast
3rd zValor

go go go trumpet

He’s going to be going hard on KOF now haha. Yo, haven’t talked to you in forever, mang.