Battery life of DS Lite

Does it vary with different usages? Supposedly, my sister told me it drained faster when she was on wifi. Can someone tell me if it would drain any faster with these different usages?

  1. Confirm if it does go faster when connected to wifi
  2. When playing GBA games, as opposed to DS games
  3. Running media off of supercard
  4. Running roms (both DS and GBA) off of supercard.

It drains faster for sure with supercard and with the
WiFi on. I just don’t know about the GBA cart, but yeah, might be possible too.

All of those drain the battery life faster except for no. 2. In fact, GBA games use less juice than DS games… Hell, I often switch to GBA games to eke out another hour or 2 when I get the red light from using a DS game.

Also, higher bright settings drain battery.