Battery Replacement for wireless Six Axis


So… just when I finally done with all the mid term and labs,
and pick up my arcade stick to play some MVC3… i realized my battery
back for the six-axis is now broken.
The wire somehow broke from inside the battery, where they are soldered to the
circuit board, so i guess i’ll have to get a new battery.

I have been looking at this one PS3 nuLife battery wireless controller: Video Games
and this one Tenergy Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 6600mAh Rechargeable Battery module with PCB: Toys & Games

They both should work right?

The review also indicate that the ground and power of battery of the normal
ps3 plug is reversed compare to normal battery. So does this mean that the color
code used on the ps3 wire is wrong? or the plug simply has them in reverse position.?

thx for the help


Honestly I would go with nether one.
nu Life battery is reported to have reversed polarity on the connector, if you can swap this connector around go for it.
The color is to indicate the polarity on the battery, if you can do a voltage test on the battery and figure out the polarity with a multi meter be my guess.
The 2nd battery looks like it should support a Six-axis controller but I doubt it will fit in the six-axis shell, if your using the six axis board in a custom stick case, I do not see why not.

I suggest looking at the other PS3 six-axis/ Dual Shock 3 Lithium batteries that Amazon and other sites have.

Here is a better choice for a replacement battery, but shipping will take awhile
DealExtreme: $4.49 Replacement 1800mAh Lithium Battery Pack for PS3 Wireless DualShock Controllers


Buy the official replacement batteries.


I agree, but would you know where the Official batteries are sold? After googling for several minuets I found only 3rd party battries and knock offs, and I didn’t trust any I found on amazon.


I only found third party knock off as well
but i am using this in my arcade stick
so size of the battery really isn’t an issue here


I guess the 2nd link would work then if its a stick.

Best PS3 knock off I found, its cheap it works, US Seller and the seller has a consistently high feedback rating
1800mAh Rechargeable Battery Controller FOR SONY PS3 - eBay (item 290534555107 end time Mar-16-11 10:14:20 PDT)


I really wouldn’t try the second one in the OP; Its a Li-on, not a Li-on polymer. Frankly I don’t know enough about the tech to know for sure if that works with the charging system in the SIXAXIS. The first one though should work fine, and if the markings about the power are correct, hold almost 3x the charge the original battery did, and shouldn’t require mucking about with the wires in the connector. Ditto for the one Darksakul posted.


yeah bought the one from e-bay
lets hope this one works well XD


Well, there’s easily found in any decent brick and mortar game retailer here on this side of the Pacific.