Battle and Brew Biweeklies Results

I would like to think everyone who came out and supported this. I’m really hoping if we have more opportunities to play in a competitive environment we will become a force to be reckoned with.

SSF4 top 8:

  1. Eddie Mu
  2. Cardell
  3. Ky Phung
  4. Joseph Lackey
  5. Trace Hazen/Kenneth Strickland
  6. Joe Madden/Raphael Bell

Thanks again to everyone for coming out.

Also, big thanks to Battle and Brew for letting us do this and giant thanks to Gunnar for helping to run a smooth quick tournament.

27 on a Thursday is a solid ass turnout, great job everyone.

Hope everyone had fun. I’m sure you’ll add Marvel 3 to the Biweeklys, right?

Marvel 3 is going to be on a different thursday every month and only 1 time a month. It will pretty much go like this: SSF4, MvC3, SSF4, SC2… that’s the order.

it was too much fun!
i’m glad i went and supported this, we need more biweekies!

Starcrack will be there too!!! OMG, I can see it now…

Never been to B&B but if you start doing MVC3 bi-weeklies I might have to join in!


Apparently so… Are you gonna be able to show up to the next Revival so we can play some 3s man, I’ve been wanting to play you forever.

hehe come out some friday to play at tech!
I’ll try though. I’ve been on AH3 pretty serious lately though. I play stupid in 3s if I don’t keep it up, I’ll try to brush up before hand so we can have some ggs.

I’d like to come to Tech if my work schedule lets me & if I know someone in my area that heads that way. I miss C-Tran so much…

Lemme know when you’re free and maybe I can hold a get-together for 3s and other good games with some other players too. Don’t always have to wait for the monthlies ;p

Oh yeah, as a matter of fact, I don’t know how you feel about MvC3, but I’ve been wanting to play some 3s for quite some time now & I’m free Tuesday & Wednesday this week so I’ll post on the GA Thread to let you know what I’m doing. Last time I played some serious 3s was when RaishinX & SolidPlay came to my house & we were just getting the groove back for not playing for some time, but it was so fun.

Tuesdays maybe, Wednesday definitely not. I’ve got a lot of school on Wednesdays. We’ll talk about it some more on Friday.
See ya later.

Definitely man.

Updated with most recent tournament.